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General Hospital-Perkie's Observations-feb 19/08

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Maybe it’s the mood I’m in, but almost everything and everyone annoyed me today.

Sonny; Ok was it just me, or was that just bad acting/behaving all around. From the conversation with coma Kate on the ground, to freaking out at Jason, to insisting he gets in the ambulance, to freaking out at Ms Sneed, to freaking out at Johnny. Just, the whole thing wasn’t very good. Plus, I know he really, really wants to blame a Zacchara for this mess but I don’t understand his Johnny rabies. One look at Johnny’s face, and he would have known that the kid wasn’t responsible. Plus, Claudia had just left his office, steamed, basically announcing that she was going to do something, so wouldn’t it be logical to think of her first?

Why would he need to send Jason away, at the scene, because the police were coming? The PCPD are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and Jason gets accused of everything, but they aren’t going to believe that Jason had anything to do with Kate getting shot.

What was the point of having Bobbie watch the surgery if she wasn’t really going to report to Sonny what was happening. Seemed a waste of JZ’s two minutes out of the closet.

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I know Ms Sneed is a biatch, but really, would she be; a) showing up during a patient’s surgery, asking about payment? And b ), would she get in the face of the local mobster? Perhaps Dr Annoying can have a chat with her about putting patient care first, instead of laying it on so thick to Patrick and Robin.

Layla was another one that bugged. Anyway you cut it, she is the one who essentially got between Scrubs and helped break them up, so there’s no way that Robin should be civil to her, just because she’s being cutesy about baby stuff. And I’m tired of Robin getting it from all sides, from Layla and Dr Annoying and Patrick to a certain extent.

Why didn’t Alexis kick Jerry out after her little speech? She basically tells him to go jump, but instead of throwing his sorry butt out onto the porch, she just walks away, into another part of the house, leaving the jerk in her living room with her traumatized sleeping daughter. WTH?? Although I suppose I should commend Jerry for calling Ric and getting his sorry butt away from that insipid waitress and that horrid story. Please tell me that’s the end of her and she’s not going to follow Ric back to PC.

The only good part of the episode was the Logan/Johnny/Lulu/Lucky/Scotty scenes and how Scotty admitted thinking that something was up with Logan, but not being ready to throw in the towel where his son is concerned. Good acting all around.