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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.19.08

Sorry about the short post yesterday... let's see if we can make up for that. Here's the Scoop!

Carly calls Jason and tells him Michael is missing!  He'll start the search for the mini mobster who is a hideaway on a cargo ship.  Michael comes across Peg who is also on the ship.  Jax hires a PI to help find Michael.  


Sonny's convinced that the Z's are behind Kate's shooting. Will he suspect Michael when he learns his son is missing?  Sonny takes Johnny as revenge.


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Is Lucky taking a bullet that is meant for Elizabeth?  RUMORS say the TMK is ready to shoot Liz but its Lucky who is shot when he steps in front of Elizabeth. Jason and Sam are RUMORED to being held in a separate location from Lucky and Liz.  The killer brings the Quad together for the finale.  

Diego will explain his victims.  RUMORS say he'll also tell Sam how he survived his supposed death. It looks like Lorenzo felt a pulse while holding his "dead" son that night in the alley.  When Lo whisked Diego to South America to be buried he really took him to be cared for. Did he kill Cooper?  

We told you yesterday that Liz is grabbed when she shows up at Sam's.  She's there to talk about the hit and run but runs into the killer instead.  Is Diego there trying to make it look like Sam left on her own? 

The TMK reveal does out Liason as a couple.  RUMORS say Jason will ask Elizabeth to move into the penthouse with him. 

Re-writes?  With Guza and Company back in full force, there may be some re-writes happening.  


We told you about another miracle baby...for Sam.  The RUMORS now say that there are three possible fathers for Sam's baby.  Lucky, Ian and ???????  

Nikolas should factor in to the TMK reveal and finale.  He wants revenge for Emily's death.  Is he the hero?  Or is it Elizabeth that shoots Diego?