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I Finally Read Charm! And It Wasn't So Bad!!!!!

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So.... I read Charm! and I'm still able to speak full sentences. I was able to find my way to and from work. I was even able to properly use the word "aspersions" in a sentence. Not sure if I spelled it right but I'm not gonna push my luck. It wasn't horrible. I've read worse. In fact I stopped reading worse so I could read Charm! (Note to Nora Roberts: If you're reading this please stop writing so many books. Your quality is really beginning to suffer.) I read it in less than 2 days. Sitting in an over warm doctor's office helped me plow thru it.

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Basically, it was about a girl named Avery (aka Kendall) and her 2 men named Marcus (Ryan) and Brad (Zach). Marcus is a two timing louse (surprise surprise) and Brad is perfection in a suit even if he is

described as compact and not wholly good looking. Lo and behold Avery gets knocked up but doesn't know who the daddy is! Can you believe that? I've never seen/read anything like this before! And when you factor in Avery using birth control? Well, that is kick you in the crotch craziness! There was other stuff. There was a crack whore named Parker (aka Greenlee) who was hell bent on self destruction. There was the obligatory long lost fat sister, Lucy (aka Bianca. They just substituted fat for gay.) And the coup de grace! A long lost narcissistic mama, Patricia (aka Erica Kane).

I wasn't expecting anything taxing to my brain. That's why I have Danielle Steele, but, I was expecting something interesting. Would it have killed them to find a ghost writer to at least make this quirky

chick lit? I don't want to give it all away but I will say there is a harrowing escape, a soul searching moment with an unborn baby, and a happy (if pat and boring) ending. Not a quirk to be found in the whole story. There is a lot of perfection. Of course, every girl wants to be Avery and every man wants to bed Avery. Her biggest flaw is bed head and gulping her coffee. Just be forewarned. The end will make you roll your eyes so hard you'll end up with a migraine and possibly two lazy eyes.

If you happen to see a copy lying around because someone forgot it you can go ahead and read it. If you see it on the shelf at the library go ahead and check it out. Or if you have a BFF willing to mail you her copy just say thank you and enjoy the free cheese!