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Things I Loved About AMC 02/11-02/15

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I can't believe I used LOVE and AMC in the same sentence. In a totally non-sarcastic, non-ironic, non-facetious way.

This week I loved:

Greenlee's red dress.

Kendall's fashion show eye make up.

Erica firing all her financial advisors. (That was mature Erica. I LOVE mature Erica.)

Jesse and Tad. I loved how Tad kept asking Jesse where he was going at odd moments hoping to catch Jesse off guard. So realistic. I especially loved Tad paying the ticket guy $100 for info that didn't really do much good.

Tad and his gray hair. (Michael E Knight? If you're reading this? Please please PLEASE stop with the Just For Men hair color? The gray really suits you!)

Krystal making Angie feel at home then trying to play matchmaker. (I have a love/hate relationship with KWAK. I hate when she drags people into her shenanigans but I love when she's down-home and friendly.)

Greenlee's powder blue coat.

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Annie actually being a mom. (Unlike some other women who are rarely with their kids unless they are sick. Yes, Kendall, I'm talking to you.)

Jack bobbing his head in mockery of Sam Woods and his flirtatious banter.

Angie and Jesse coming face to face.

AMC paying the money to use a good song that fits the situation and that is also sung by an A List star. That song fits Angie and Jesse to a T.

Tad invoking Jenny's name while trying to shame Jesse into staying. THIS is the shameless Tad I love. Not the shameless Tad that buries people alive.

Things I didn't love?

Kendall carrying the pregnancy test everywhere she went. Who does that????

Ryan going on and on and on about how AWESOME Spike is and how GREAT his name is and how he KNEW that was his son. He does know Emma is his daughter, right? And (in my opinion) much much cuter.

Ryan using his bug eyed voice to accuse Zach of stealing his life. Dude, get a grip.

Babe and Krystal breaking into Joe's office. I like Krystal better WITHOUT Babe.

The jarring back and forth from Angie and Jesse to the fashion show. I would have preferred Angie and Jesse NOT sharing their reunion with a blatant cross promotion for Campbell's soup.

Greenlee saying she felt better than Dr Oz and using "m'mmm m'mmm good" in a non-ironical sense.