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Best Annie Moments Ever!!

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:We better get to work, too.

Annie: Hey, I know you had a little talk with Ryan the other day. Well, whatever you said, it sent him straight to Kendall.

Greenlee: Oh, well, that's the exact opposite of what I wanted.

Annie: Are you sure?

Greenlee: Absolutely. Annie, trust me -- we all want Ryan to get better.

Annie: And he will, with my help, so please just stay out of it. 

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: You used to be a con man way back in your day, right? Remember that?

Ryan: Yes, I do, but what --

Annie: Well, what if this whole memory-loss thing is just another one of your cons, a really, really clever way to get out of being married to me and go back to Kendall? 


Ryan: Wow. You look amazing. But --

Annie: Don't bother, Ryan. I don't need you to tell me again that you don't remember that I'm your wife. I don't need you to tell me again that you don't remember what we had, or that you're in love with Kendall.

Ryan: Annie --

Annie: All I need you to do is take one last look at what you're missing. And then, get the hell out. 


I LOVE fierce Annie!! I really hope that we get to keep her. I'm thinking that she needs to stay away from Ryan. I've never really like an Annie scene before but when she called out his con man past then told him to get the hell out? That was priceless! Annie calling out Greenlee on the little talk she had with Ryan? That was extraordinary. I really hope we can get away from Annie and Greens being BFF and have them back to barely tolerating each other. I hate that they would be at odds over someone as unworthy as Ryan but I'll take what I can get! And besides, if Annie hates Greenlee maybe we can get some more bitchy scenes with them!