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Days Of Our Lives: Aussie Update v's EMMY Nominations

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"A complete and utter joke". That's what I'm calling current episodes of Days of Our Lives. Please let me reinforce the fact that my opinion here is purely and soley restricted to Australian episodes only. I am finding the entire process of making the effort to watch Days very hard and long winded. One word sums it up pretty well - boring. Why is that you ask? Well, it just seems that things are a little messed up in Salem right now, but am sensing that things are about to turn the corner quite quickly. Yes, I know Days has picked up the pace dramatically somewhat, but I believe that us Aussies Down Under are currently experiencing those episodes that dragged Days down into the ratings doldrums, or the low 1.8 or 1.9 it was barely reaching in mid 2007.

  • Abby has returned, although it's not the Abby we all grew up to know. She's sitting with Jack in some hotel room with no sign of Jennifer. Yes, I know they left Salem, and yes, it's wonderful to see Jack, but with a new Abby and no Jennifer I see this entire story pointless.
  • Chelsea and Billie have had a falling out. Billie shacked up with Nick which brought Chelsea's nose out of joint. Mother and daughter clashed, Nick is a little weird and my opinion on that little "shack up" between Billie and Chelsea was pretty grose.
  • Celeste keeps popping up on Sami warning her not to cross EJ. Sami on the other hand has given EJ a bio report which she conjured up on her own little PC to prove to EJ he is not the father of her baby. I'm still a little disturbed at the fact Sami was traumatized by rape and yet she hasn't really dealt with this ordeal, instead is trying to keep her pregnancy under wraps with EJ and Lucas.
  • Tinda Lau. Why? Belle and Shawn on this lovely island. We don't get to see no beach water, just plenty of flowers. Philip has just turned up demanding the young waitress to come clean on Claire's whereabouts. *sigh*
  • Kayla and Max have flown over to Stefano DiMera dressed as nun's and priests. I can see the comic standpoint at which Days writers are trying to reach, but come on! This evil man DiMera has caused this family so much grief in the past and Kayla has yet to face Stefano since her return, why haven't they treated this story with a little more poise and deep storytelling. Kayla took Max with her and I'm still struggling with that choice she made. I probably would have taken Marlena simply for the drama.
  • Steve is locked in a loony bin. This whole idea of having Steve go la la in a mental asylum I am also struggling to deal with. The only highlight here is that we get to welcome Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis back to Salem.

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As very much so a joke, the above video reinforces the fact that Days is quite some comedy right now. Throw in Willow and you start reaching for razor blades.

And the EMMY goes to......Days of Our Lives!

All you mates of mine in the US of A are holding on to your seats and dealing with Salem's latest tragedy. Last Friday's plane scenes involving a list long of veteran cast members was like nothing I've ever seen. Astounding performances from every single one them. I wonder whether Days are kicking themselves knowing they have totally dismissed Shawn and Belle. Belle was amazing. Poor Grandpa Shawn, our fuddy duddy soap grandpa. He'll be missed. The facial expressions used on everyone's face were pure gold, although Chloe was a little full on sucking up all that precious air, but the defining moment came as Bo revealed Grandpa Shawn from under the blanket with a distraught and pregnant Kayla looking on. Boy are those Brady's gonna miss him. Highlight - Kim's return. Each and every one of those members on that fateful plane ride last week need a nomination for an Emmy. Days have this one in the bag! I'm sure of it. I thought I'd post the video taken from the last few minutes of last Friday's show. Finally, a Friday cliffhanger! Boy, I wonder what will be next? A Friday music montage?

Someone please pass me the remote, I have some serious FF to do.