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Daytime Confidential #200: Top 5 Returns to Daytime

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It's our 200th episode and we're celebrating with a Top 5 episode. Consistently, our Top 5 episodes have been our most popular episodes. We've shared our lists with you and you in turn have shared yours with us. The Daytime Confidential podcast and website would not be the same without you all! A big thank you to all the Daytime Confidential listeners for an amazing 15 first months!


As an aside. Sean  from Primetime Pulse pointed out in our Big Brother 9 chat last night that if you include the Movie Junkie podcast and Primetime Pulse the team at TV Fan Online and Daytime Confidential have produced over 300 episodes combined. I had never thought of it that way.

On today's show Tina from Primetime Pulse joins Jay and Luke to count their Top 5 Returns to Daytime. These are the actors and characters who whose returns we've enjoyed the most.

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