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General Hospital-Perkie's Observations-feb 20/08

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I get that everyone has TMK rabies, and I get that there was a mountain of evidence in Logan’s home, but after the fiasco of blaming Coop, only to be wrong, you’d think everyone would take a step back and a deep breath before jumping on the “Logan is the killer’ bandwagon. Maybe run some tests, find DNA evidence, you know, do they’re jobs before jumping to conclusions, again.

Ric/Marianna: Just when I thought Ric walking away meant we were out of the water of the boringest of boring stories, he walks back in. Blah, blah, blah, she’s being beaten up, blah, blah, blah trust Ric. Rick Hearst is better than this story and I want it to stop, so badly.

Claudia/AZ: Loved the early scene, where, despite being half asleep and crazier than a loon, he knew she had come there to kill him then chickened out. Of course she was all, “I would have done and still can”, but the look on her face said differently.

Are the scenes on the roof being shot/taped differently than the rest of the show? I noticed it in the Luke/Johnny scenes last week, that there’s a different feel to them. Kind of throws off the concentration of the scene for me.

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Nikolas is a smart man, why is he believing the crap spewing out of Dr Annoying’s mouth? Jerry poisoned him not that long ago, yet he’s actually considering taking an experimental drug, not sanctioned in the US, given by a man he met two days ago, who wants to keep everything hush hush. Huh?

Luke/Tracy: Ok, it has moments of cuteness followed by moments of annoyance. Why is Luke acting like he’s destitute? Tracy’s assets have been frozen (still don’t understand how), but Luke would have the same access to his money as he did before he married Tracy. He still co-owns Kelly’s and should be able to access those profits.

The Speed of Light (or Bad Editing!) award goes to Trevor, who is with AZ at the crazy hospital and walks off that scene, right into the hospital scene with Sonny. Eeesh people, pay attention to where you’re placing stuff within the episode.

Line of the day:

Mac: “Why did you agree to help Maxie?”

Spinelli: “Because she scares me. Doesn’t she scare you?”