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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.20.08

Here's the Scoop!

The TMK goes after Maxie, again!  He doesn't get her and Maxie's convinced Logan killed Coop and Georgie.  She'll visit Logan in the hospital and as we've told you, Maxie will contemplate getting her own justice by pulling the plug.  

Jerry tells Jason there's been movement in Alcazar's accounts.  He'll give the enforcer a heads up that money has been withdrawn over the last few months. It's Diego obviously.  He is the TMK.  He'll reveal himself to Sam and the audience.


Carly has alot going on. She's pregnant, her son is missing and she'll find out before he went missing, Michael was playing with guns.  Jax will have to calm down his frantic wife and Jason will learn his best friend is pregnant when she doubles over in fron tof him.  We've mentioned before that Carly's pregnancy may not be an easy one and now we're hearing that Dr. Lee will have a diagnosis for Mrs. Jacks.  Michael makes a call to Carly...does he hang up?  

Jax and Sonny get into it.  Candy Boy tells Sonny he's to blame for Kate's shooting. He'll go home and learn from Jason and Carly that Michael is missing.  Max will be the one who tells the BFF's little Mikey never showed up to practice. 

Does Sonny start to lose it?  He blames Trevor, Claudia and Johnny for Kate's shooting.  He'll pull a gun on Trevor at GH. Sonny and Claudia will continue to push each other's buttons.  He'll want answers from Claudia about Michael's disappearance.  They'll fight and then she'll try to seduce him.  Sonny leaves her hot, bothered and mad. Sonny shows up at the Z Mansion and fires off a round or two at Johnny, one for Kate and another for Michael.  This should be when Sonny grabs Johnny and holds him. 


Is the mob changing as we know it?  There are some RUMORS out there that we're in for a change.  We all know the mob is Guza's thing and he loves it.  With word that his contract is being renewed and currently being negotiated, I would bet the mob is not leaving Port Charles.  Throw in Sarah Brown's return as the new female face behind organized crime in Port Chuck and I'd say we're in for a big mob storyline.  

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Is Helena finally making her way back to Port Charles?  RUMORS say yes!  Will this tie into Nikolas' story?  More and more we're hearing about Jerry and Devlin's connection.  That it goes way back and that Devlin was behind the MetroCourt Crisis.  Is Ian's interest in Nikolas' medical condition not just happenstance?  RUMORS say that Dr. Devlin may be who instructed Jerry to go after the Cassadine Prince and drug him to keep him in line.  And now Ian is trying to convince Nikolas to take his drug protocal but not tell Robin or Patrick about it.  It looks like Nikolas does take Ian's little pill and he may be having another episode after he takes it. Will Helena factor in?  I hope so! 

Sam's maybe, baby... three possible names have been thrown out there as the daddy.  Jason is not one of them.  Lucky, Ian and Jacks!  I know crazy right, Jacks?  From what I have seen, LuSam should be the story they are going with.  TPTB are impressed with the fan's respose to this pairing and they want to give them a proper build up and reunion once the TMK storyline is wrapped up.  A few things are out there about Ian and Sam. Ian's been a shoulder to lean on and open ear to Sam as she's been recovering at GH.  RUMORS say he'll offer a drug to Sam to help with her fertility problems.  Will Sam be so grateful that she sleeps with him? What about Jacks?  RUMORS say that Sam confides in her one time lover and he'll be her shoulder to lean on leading to a roll in the sack.  

Think about the Cassadine connection.... IF Ian is behind everything that's happened from the MC Crisis to Nikolas' poisoning to the Prince's current state, anyone else think that it's Helena pulling the strings?  Now Ian may be feeding Sam some drugs and all of the sudden he's her best friend.   Sounds like Helena to me!  Remember, the Cassadine Matriarch never did get her hands on an heir...



Is Kate leaving?  She's back in Port Charles to fight for her man but now RUMORS are saying that Megan Ward may be leaving.  These RUMORS have Kate heading back to Manhattan.  BUT WAIT!  What about Kate's secret?  Well we're hearing that Kate did give up a baby years ago.  Is that child all grown and living in Port Charles? These RUMORS tie into the Mob Changing.  RUMORS have a Sonny and Claudia pairing, not just as lovers but as partners.  If Sonny is with Claudia where will that leave Kate?  

Well the Mob RUMORS are that Jason takes over the organization!  What about Sonny?  He's not leaving the mob.  IF THESE RUMORS ARE TRUE, Sonny and Claudia will run the Zacchara Organization, together.  

What about Liason?  They'll be together and RUMORS still have them moving in together after their relationship is outed.  RUMORS have Elizabeth and Jason coming to an understanding.  Its much safer with him as the head honcho.  These RUMORS also say that Jason will tell Sonny that he's taking over and this time, he will not give the organization back.  

There was talk of a change in the mob months ago and when the strike hit, we didn't know if those RUMORS would ever see the light of day.  With Guza at the helm, we didn't think we'd see it at all.  Was this always the plan and the RUMORS took a step further than intended?  Would this split put Jason and Sonny as enemies?  


Leyla Mir is played by Nazanin Boniadi.  She is not Leyla Mir, she is an actress playing a role.  Why am I telling you this?  There's always talk about the fan's dislike of the character of Leyla and her role in the break-up of the fan favorite Scrubs pairing.  Now we're hearing that NB was pushed to tears by a group of fans who were giving the actress a very hard time for things her character has done.  While, I myself am not a fan of the character of Leyla, I know it is wrong to take it out on the actress that plays her.  She's not writing the show.  Please remember that here at Daytime Confidential and in our forums, actor bashing is not encouraged or allowed.