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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.22.08

Sorry about the missed day.... Here's the Scoop!  


Jason hurt?  RUMORS say Jason is hurt during the TMK finale.  We know Lucky is shot by Diego as the car is going over the bridge.  Patrick is RUMORED to be Jason's doctor. Will Dr. Drake be telling Port Chuck's sharpest shooter he may not regain full use of his hands?  Didn't this already happen to Jason before?  Oh GH and their love of recycling...

Liz telling the truth?  I know Liz haters are shocked by that statement but we're hearing that Sam asks her why she was at her apartment and Elizabeth tells her she may have been the one to hit her.  What else is Liz confessing?  Well she may be spilling the beans on her and Jason's secret meetings.  Will Lucky find out?

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Patrick and Liz talking baby and daddy secrets?  Patrick will ask Elizabeth if she knew he was the father of Robin's baby.  Her honesty streak is still going as she tells him yes and she may even be telling him that Jason is Jake's father. 

We started to hear about it yesterday... but we'll learn more about Claudia's past with ZaCrazy as a dad.  He tried to keep her under lock and key and as an ugly duckling it appears.  Did Trevor have a hand in it?  Well he was most likely the voice in Anthony's head telling him to send Claudia away.  What about Trevor?  Is he drugging ZaCrazy?  From what we can gather, he is but he's not the complete cause for Anthony's mental state.  It should be that Trevor helped Anthony's condition along by feeding his paranoia and by feeding him drugs. 

Ric and Marianna are not being received well by the fans.   Their storyline may be changed, yet again.  We're still hearing rumblings that Ric and Claudia have somewhat of a past.  Who wants to bet Ric won't believe that Claudia is the ugly duckling from when they were kids?

Speaking of Claudia... she's telling some truths too.  She'll tell Kate that she's been sleeping with Sonny.  A devastated Kate ends it with Sonny and she may be asking Jacks to help her set up things overseas for their magazine.  Is this a set up for Kate to leave PC?  


Johnny Z is growing on me.  Brandon Barash's good looks are definitely helping the cause.  We told you Sonny grabs Johnny.  He locks him up in a padded room.  This should have Claudia declaring war on her bed buddy. 

March 5th seems to be D-Day as far as the TMK storyline is concerned.  Who kills Diego?  I'm thinking its Nikolas who gets the final revenge but will he put Nurse Nadine in danger first?