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Bold & Beautiful: Eric Grows 'Em Back


For months, we at DC wondered what became of Eric Forrester. This guy runs an international fashion house, but can't seem to keep Stephanie from controlling every aspect of his universe. Last summer he was nothing more than a poolside chef, but that changed when he hooked up with Thorne's toss away girltoy Donna.

When it was revealed last week in the LA paper that Eric was standing naked on a ledge, I thought Eric would cave to Stephanie's harsh words. Throughout their fierce argument, Eric (surprise, surprise) stood his ground, which was a refreshing change. Donna put some fire into the old man (even if it is in the form of a blue pill that she didn't know about) and Eric weathered the challenge of public humiliation like a champ. Welcome back Eric! John McCook gets an honorable mention for bringing back the strength of his character in such a revealing manner. He's been naked more than clothed over the last several weeks.

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I suspect history was changed for the sake of their fight. I haven't been a regular watcher over the years, but I'm pretty sure Eric wasn't as pathetic as Steph made him out to be. If he was, he'd never be able to run that business.

As a side note, did anyone else find it odd that no one busted out laughing when they looked at the newspaper?