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Daytime Confidential #202: CBS and DAYS Riddle Us This

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Riddle us this. How many women on Guiding Light can Josh and Reva's love drive crazy? This and other questions are what Mike, Jay, and Luke are discussing on the CBS and Days edition of Daytime Confidential.


On today's show we discuss Eric in his skivvies on Bold and Beautiful. The Jack and Sharon crossover to Bold and Beautiful from Young and Restless along with Hope's passing, Victor Jr., and Gloria vs. Jeff and Gloria vs. Jack.

We've got the latest on the Nuke Kiss Controversy on As the World Turns and how Jay is enjoying Katie and Brad's slow build. Oh and is that an addition to the Carly Snyder home set?

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Also from Guiding Light we're discussing Crazy Cassie and Ava being preggers.

Over on Days of Our Lives this is the most we've enjoyed John Black in Ages, Grandpa Shawn's death, Victor and Caroline, and is Chloe a diva or just plain evil?

All this and more on today's show!

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