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General Hospital-Perkie's observations-feb22/08

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I loved the TMK reveal. Loved that they showed it to us and didn’t save it til Monday. And, even though I knew who it was going to be, there was a small part of me that wondered if the spoilers were wrong, so I was actually holding my breath. And is it wrong that with the facial hair, I’m finding Diego sort of hot?!!!

Oh look, Ric dragged Marianna back to town. Great. Can’t wait for that story to just explode into excitement. Yuck. And really, did he need a nurse to patch her up? Her bleeding had pretty much stopped and all Liz did was clean and bandaid the wound. I don’t think it was necessary to call her over.

Having said that I always love a LiRic scene. But, Liz really annoyed me with her hypocritical biatch face towards Ric. Yes, Ric has done his share of crap, but it was years ago, and he hasn’t chained anyone to a wall in years. I loved that he questioned her about Jason and in typical apologist fashion, she was all "that’s different". Right. I will give Liz credit for the funny line of the day:

Liz to Marianna: "It’s disgusting that any man would hold a woman against her will."
Ok, even as the biggest Ric lover out there, I had to laugh at that and go "BURN"!!

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CarJax: Some decent scenes here. I was glad when Jax exploded at her but pissed when he backed down so quickly.

Line of the day:
Jax to Carly: "Stop giving me second rate status in my own marriage."

Loved the incredibly brief Alexis/Sam scene and that they were joking about the cell phone. I don’t understand why Alexis let her go home by herself though. I know Sam said she would be ok, but the least Mom could have done was driven her home and made sure she was ok.

Uh Lucky, are you auditioning for a part in Grease? What was with the white T-shirt, leather jacket and messed up hair? Although, I suppose I should be thrilled that he took off that grey sweatshirt. Must have been laundry day.

I so hate Sonny, I don’t even want to mention him, much less exclaim how disgusted I am with his behaviour. Talking to Jason like he’s a dog and then just randomly shooting Johnny in his own home, despite Johnny’s innocence. Let’s hope Johnny has some goons there ready to protect him.