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Days Of Our Lives: Grandpa Shawn & A Days Theory

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As Days of Our Lives together with the Brady family prepare to farewell Grandpa Shawn Brady, I figured that a nice tribute was in order to honor Frank Parker's brilliant performances portraying Shawn Brady Snr. Here we find Bo and Shawn Snr on Marlena's doorstep. Roman is alive, he survived one of Stefano's attempts to have him killed and the whole of Salem were still reeling at the news of Roman's death. In order to work undercover, Roman was only "alive" to a selected few Salem citizens and now it was time for his father Shawn to discover the news and reunite with his son. Frank Parker's time in Salem as Shawn was brilliant, from his smiles and great Irish laughter, to being together with his children at Christmas, it was nothing short of a fine acting career and a loyal citizen of the show. We'll miss you buddy. Thanks for all the memories. Cheers!

My mind has been ticking into overdrive with the thoughts that Billie will be leaving Salem. From recent posts on here at DC, the character of Chelsea has indicated that she is in for some fine stories and an exceptional career challenge. I wonder what that could be? Maybe it has all to do with Billie's death or even Bo's illness, but I would love to assume that the conspiracy theory here would be that Chelsea would be somehow accountable for her own mother's death. Now that for me would be something. Yet again it would mean Days delivering some emotionally charged stories and have Chelsea dealing with yet another burden and accountability for another Salem death. First Zach Brady and now her own mother Billie. I could see Chelsea's character turning the corner completely after these turn of events which would then inturn work perfectly for the supposed new doctor to Salem Dr Daniel Jonas to help Chelsea through her biggest challenge ever. Imagine the story possibilities.

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It seems Vivian Alamain is on Salem's most wanted list in terms of a high profile return. On one of my recent polls, over 170 people voted with Vivian Alamain winning 26% of the votes, just edging out Jack & Jennifer and Shawn & Belle. A return by Vivian now would be perfect. Imagine the timing? Place her directly opposite Kate and have both of Salem's old foes at eachothers throats again in some fine Days catfights. Yes, it would be about Victor, but this time Caroline Brady would be the third wheel and the thorn in their sides. Suddenly the Kiriakis mansion would be full of life, Caroline in a story, Vivian Alamain back in town and Kate staying in town. Perfect.