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Days of our Lives: Farewell to Grandpa Shawn - Spoilers 02.25.08

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G'day Days fans, and welcome to this week's edition of Days of our Lives spoilers: the View from Denial Island!

It’s going to be a sad week, so get your tissues ready.  The joy felt over the safe return of the plane crashers is short-lived as the full impact of Grandpa Shawn Brady’s death is felt.  Watch out for some gut-wrenching scenes between Caroline and Bo – Bo feels guilty that he is still alive, that his father gave up his life for him.  As the status of his condition is still unknown – he thinks the death was in vain.  Despite reassurances from everyone around him, Bo turns to Caroline and they share some beautiful mother/son moments.  At the funeral, all the Brady children (including Kimberly) eulogise their Pop, before Bo gets rushed back to hospital – Lexie reveals Bo’s pancreas is failing, but that tests are not indicating cancer. 

We get to see the first interaction between




and wow… it’s a douzy!  It seems Ava was responsible for the Salemite’s plane trouble and feels no remorse that it caused the death of Grandpa Shawn.  She’s hell bent on exacting revenge on Patch and doesn’t care who gets in the way – better watch out


!  This is my first introduction to Tamara Braun and I’m saying so far so good – I’m intrigued where this storyline will go.


continues to explore his DiMera heritage this week; he moves into DiMansion, where he proceeds to snoop around in big brother


personal items and documents, much to


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disgust.  She’s worried he’s becoming too DiMera-like, but I’m quite liking snarky Jawn, so he can stay thanks (along with Claire… pleeeease)!  Later in the week they go to visit coma-Stefano, who lets us in on a secret – he’s hidden John’s memories on a single disk… but where is it??  The more important question is… what will Jawn do when he finds the disk? I’m reading interesting rumours on that one – I think he wants to stay Jawn too (just hinting).  We’ll find out later in the week that he’s the last man standing regarding the running of the DiMera Empire – both Tony and EJ have been disinherited!  Will we see Jawn become Stefano 2.0?  Do we want to see it?? Post your thoughts below!

But speaking of Tony (and Anna) – the war is on!  Anna starts her new job at the rival agency; she decides to add more insult to injury (hell hath no fury like an Anna-scorned) and tells his secretary how much of a womanizer he is.  Needless to say, the secretary quits – and Tony is not amused.  Now, I’m sorry, I really like these two, but why does their storyline seem all filler and no… purpose or heart?

And did I mention hearts?  It seems the


gals have one after all – they vote not to evict




e off the island for breaking the bonds of sisterhood and revealing their part in


death.  All’s good and well and the next fun-filled Sorority storyline looms – the girls are going to apply for internships for the summer (*prays to soap gods that this storyline is better than the TTS crap from last summer*).

Last but not least, for all you EJami fans out there (I know you’re out there), bad news – Sami wants the marriage annulled, and it looks like EJ will agree (for the love of the soapgods…why????).  There was an interesting conversation between the two of them on the way home from DiMansion after Jawn’s parentage was revealed last week.  I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but your comments are welcome!

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Dr. Daniel Jonas joins the Days onscreen party – I’m reading interesting rumours that he might be a potential love interest for Kate (since she has pretty much exhausted Salem’s talent already)
  • Chloe has more involvement in Brady’s disappearance than first thought (SHOCK!)
  • Immigration issues arise over EJ’s US Visa – I don’t get it, he was born in the US!!
  • Belle and Shawn renew their wedding vows (Already? They’ve only been married for like, 5 minutes!)
  • Jawn hires Rolf as his new butler (ROFLMAO)

Come join us at the TFO Forums in the Days Weekly Discussion thread to talk about these spoilers and all the other happenings in Salem this week!