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All My Children: Turning Point or Idiocy?

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AHHHH - Medicated - the only way to watch All My Children........

Has All My Children hit a turning point? Or are we going to be subjected to the same old recycled lack-luster storylines? I am asking this because for the first time in a long time, I could not wait to see what happened next on my favorite soap. In case you did not figure it out, I am a long-time and long-suffering watcher of AMC. I was a teenager when Angie and Jesse were the super couple. I cheered for them to make it, and they did. For a while at least. I was watching when he was shot, and when he died. I cried along with Angie, as she said goodbye to her soul mate, and the love of her life. I mourned along with the characters, my heart broke right along with Angie’s.

When I learned that they were bringing back the once super couple, I was happy to say the least, but was also a smidgen trepidacious, as I also know we saw Jesse in Spirit to usher Gillian into heaven, as well as help Thaddeus through a tough time. I really did not hold much hope that this much awaited reunion would pique my interest, let alone stir emotion within me. Well, it did. I felt a mix of emotion as I watched Angie chase beside Jesse’s train, only to have to walk away in pain and anguish. My heart just about stopped as I watched Angie finally look through the smoke and see Jesse appear off of the train, and onto the train platform. Elation filled me as they went to one another, and finally realized they were there. I cried along with Angie as she begged and pleaded Jesse to tell her where he was, and that she did not want him to leave her again. My eyes welled up as Jesse and Frankie came face to face.

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I thought about it a lot over this past weekend. Yes, I know I need a life. While I was thinking, it occurred to me that All My Children has finally written a story correctly. The Actors portrayed it so beautifully that I was moved by their performances. So, I did ponder, is this a turning point for All My Children? Can we permanently hire the writers responsible for the writing of this poignant reunion story? Then I sank in my chair, and asked myself, did the current writing team actually write this? Or was it penned by replacement writers, who I must say, by far exceeded any and all expectations. It if were the replacement writers brought on by the strike, can we get them back? PLEASE??

The only thing that makes no sense to me in Angie & Jesse’s new storyline is Krystal’s involvement. Does she think that because Angie spilled her gut to her that she is now an expert in knowing what is right and wrong for them? Sorry here folks, but in my honest opinion, she really does not belong in this story. Send KWAK back to Adam, she had the best story there with him.

I also feel I really need to comment on JR & Babe this week. Was it just my imagination or did it appear that the scenes after the poker game seem very uncomfortable? I mean, Babe actually seemed repulsed by having JR kiss her, not the Character, but the actress playing Babe. Granted they have turned JR into a rather smarmy and sleazy character, but it seemed to me that there is something not so good going on behind the scenes with these two actors, and it got portrayed into their kissing scenes. Very uncomfortable, and choppy looking. That is all I am going to say.

What did you all think of Annie telling Ryan to hit the bricks? I have never been more proud of Annie than I was at the moment She said “I think this memory loss is just a convenient way for you to get back with Kendall” or something to that effect. Throw the google-eyed wonder to the curb. I mean, WHO loses their memory by getting GRAZED in the head by a bullet? This whole story is stupid, and must have been written BEFORE the strike. Why do TPTB feel the need to throw monkey wrenches into Zach & Kendall’s relationship? Do we want to see it? Me, personally, NO. Who is going to suffer because of the Ryan stupidity, or the Kendall & Aidan infidelity? Ultimately it will be the children. On this soap it is always the children that suffer the most.

Before I head off into the sunset this week,,, I wanted to comment on another idiotic storyline. Erica’s. Could it be possible that they have written everything of substance for her already, and are simply grasping at straws to keep her front and center on the show? This tax evasion story is nothing short of ripping off Martha Stewart’s fiasco. Is this story really necessary? At least it could have been handled better, like arresting her on the New Beginnings set, and not while they were doing the red dress fashion show, that was supposed to make women aware of heart health. I thought that it was very tasteless, to say the least.

~ Through the Medicated Eyes of AMC Girl