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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.26.08

Here's the Scoop!


Patrick Proposes!  We told you that already... does Robin say yes????  We're hearing NO!  Look for Patrick's proposal to be a Friday tag with Robin answering the following Monday.  Down the road RUMORS say he'll propose again but is the third time the charm?  Will Robin be pulling a Monica ala Friends?

Remember we told you that Patrick and Liz talk babies and secret daddies?  Well it looks like Patrick overhears Elizabeth and Jason talking about Jake and this should have Dr. McDreamy telling Liz about his baby.  Early RUMORS have Patrick asking Liz if she knew so I would look for that to be a part of their conversation.  

Speaking of overhearing....Lucky will find out about Jason and Elizabeth.  He'll overhear a conversation and learn about Liason's secret meetings. 

Claudia and the case of the missing earring?  Looks like Ms. Zacchara is missing something that Sonny has.  RUMORS say Trevor finds out about Claudia's latest indiscretion by hearing her say her earring is missing and then seeing Sonny with the earring.  Look for Trevor to use Sonny's mild obsession with Claudia against him.  

Let's talk TMK and how that all turns out...Diego takes Sam and puts her in the trunk of his car.  He then goes back to her apartment to make it look like she left on her own.  This is when Elizabeth shows up wanting to see Sam and talk about the hit and run.  She sees Diego instead.  With no other choice, Diego knocks Elizabeth out and takes her too.  She gets thrown in the back seat.  Is this when Max is RUMORED to be run over?  Yes.  Diego is supposed to be afraid that Max has seen too much and runs him over.  Does Max die?  I have not seen anything that says he does.  Elizabeth comes to, exchanges a few words with Diego and then makes a grab for the wheel sending the car over the bridge.  Lucky comes upon the scene and calls out to the car that he's called for back-up.  Well Diego can't have that and RUMORS have him shooting Lucky as the car goes over the edge.  

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Lucky saves Sam.  Even though he's shot, RUMORS have Lucky jumping in to free Sam from the trunk of the car.   It's not supposed to end there.  At some point Diego gets back in control and should be leaving an injured Lucky with Elizabeth and taking Sam to a warehouse he's set up to explode. 


Enter Damien Spinelli PI and his assistant Maxie Jones... We saw Maxie show up at Sam's apartment yesterday.  Remember when we told you Maxie would have another run in with the TMK?  Well this is it.  She'll have a near miss with Diego but RUMORS say she'll start to think something was up.   SpinMax will start looking into where Sam went but they'll need some help.  Enter Jason. 

If the EARLY RUMORS are still true, Jason should find Sam and Diego in the wired warehouse.  We're still hearing that Jason is not the Hero.  In fact, Jason is RUMORED to hurt his hands.  It should happen during the explosion.

What else is happening?  Johnny got grabbed yesterday (again I ask where are all the guards these mobsters are supposed to have?)  Sonny holds him in an abandoned psych hospital.  He's held in a padded room.  Trevor grabbed too?  Looks like Sonny wants some answers out of the elder Lansing.  Claudia warns Jason a war is coming if anything happens to Johnny.  

LuSam fans... we're still hearing these two will be together. 

Liason fans... we're still hearing they move in together and Jason claims Jake.

Monica Fans... her storyline seems to be backburnered a bit, however its still there, have no worries.  Luke and Tracey should be blackmailing their way back into the Q Mansion.  Her part of the hit and run should be exposed and Monica should be learing about her grandson.  Down the road a bit we're seeing RUMORS of Monica in Rehab.  Don't forget about Alan's will.  With Jake's paternity out in the open, that little boy has an inheritance to claim.