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I'm So Confused!!!!

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I knew there was a reason I was deleting episodes of General Hospital. It makes my brain hurt with it’s inconsistencies and illogical twists. It gives me so many more questions than it answers! Such as:

Why do the wardrobe people hate Kelly Monaco and how did they make her look fat?


Who is Olivia and why is Kate calling Alexis by Olivia’s name?

whoisolivia.jpg picture by MollyPop77

Why do I love Johnny and Lulu yet still hate Lulu on her own?

stillhatelulu.jpg picture by MollyPop77

How does Maxie get those badass eyebrows?

badassbrows.jpg picture by MollyPop77

How could the “sailors” pick up the rope but not notice a child’s backpack with a cell phone?

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Why does Sonny’s hair get all messy when he goes to his bad place?

sonnyinabadplace.jpg picture by MollyPop77

Why do I dislike Sarah Brown with the intensity of a thousand flaming suns?

stilldontlikesarah.jpg picture by MollyPop77

Why do they always make Liz look down her nose at everyone??

imbetterthanyou.jpg picture by MollyPop77

As nice as it is to have Monica in her own storyline do we really need the internal monologue/voice over?

internalmonica.jpg picture by MollyPop77

Most importantly how do they get Sonny out of this corner they have written him into????? This is a character that has pulled himself up by his bootstraps and made something of himself. Granted, virtually everything he does is illegal but still. For all intents and purposes this character should be interesting. Remember when he was with Brenda and kept trying to buy his way onto the ELQ board? That quest for legitimacy was interesting. This messy haired, bad place Sonny is NOT. So let me ask all of you. Is it possible to get Sonny out of this corner he has been written into? Can he get out of this vicious cycle of breakdowns and numbnutness that the writers have shoved him into? He’s spent the last 6 months threatening a war that has never materialized and blaming the wrong people for all his ills. He’s been promising to kill Johnny Zacchara every week since we met the kid! Can he come back from that and become an entertaining person again? I know a lot of you will argue that he was never entertaining. I beg to differ. I believe that it’s only recently (the last few years) that Sonny has become a caricature of what he once was on the show. Which to me was an anti-hero. I loved his friendship with Luke and the time they took Lucky camping. Sonny may have gotten Karen Wexler hooked on pills and had her stripping for him but… he was at least entertaining. So tell me. What would you do for Sonny to make him palatable???