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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Feb 27,08

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Today was one of those schizophrenic days, with scenes of good, followed by scenes of bad, really, really bad. First, the good…. 

Jason/Claudia: Today she wasn’t crazy sex kitten Claudia, she was intelligent businesswoman Claudia, having a normal conversation with Jason. She knows he’s the one with the brains (isn’t that ironic) and is naturally trying to work with him, instead of against him, and at no time did she try to shove her tongue down his throat, which always gets bonus points from me!

Funny line of the day: Jason: “Sonny doesn’t deal with drugs”

 Claudia: Then what does Sonny ship?” 

Ah, that’s the question of the century right there. I still say it’s Chocolate Easter bunnies.

Cassius/Epiphany: That opening scene where he explains the similarities between Pif and his mother and the fact that he’s a Katrina survivor, were well done, and finally made me understand why he’s so attached to Pif. 

Monica/Pif: Good scene where Monica’s letting her have it about being a strong survivor instead of being weak for being sick. Although, as much as she swigs on that bottle of water, shouldn’t someone be smelling the alcohol on Monica yet?

Lucky/Lulu: Good scene between brother and sister. He did most of the talking, which helped!!

The bad….. 

Scotty freaking out at Lulu, especially after yesterday’s freak out on Spinelli. I know he’s upset about Logan’s condition, but Logan brought that on himself when he grabbed Lulu and forced her to protect herself. 

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Lulu’s stupid temper tantrum on Spixie at the end, throwing over the table at the coffee house. Once again Lulu, it isn’t about you. 

Sonny/Johnny: Maybe it’s my intense hate for Sonny or my newfound love for Johnny, but is anyone enjoying this stupid man brow beating a kid? Johnny’s not much older than Lulu, and has been “in” the business for all of 12 seconds, and yet Sonny gets his rocks off treating him like crap. And for what? If what he said, that Trevor won’t want Johnny found, is true, than what’s the point, since it’s clear that Johnny has no knowledge of anything that happened to Kate or Micheal.

Sam/Diego: I had a moment of excitement when she got herself free, but that didn’t last. And seriously, were supposed to believe that he went to all the trouble of rearranging the duct system into a maze, in case one of his victims thought about escaping that way. Seriously??? Plus, I hated that he showed no remorse for Georgie and spoke about her in terms of being Maxie’s sister, as opposed to the only friend he ever really had.