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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.27.08

Here's the Scoop!


A slight correction after seeing the new promos... Jason does make it to the bridge and rescues Elizabeth from the back seat before the car goes over the edge.  What about Sam?  Elizabeth tells Jason that Sam is in the trunk.  It looks like its too late as Sam and the car SHOULD be going over the edge.  Is this when Lucky jumps to action?  Could be as RUMORS say he saves Sam and some of those RUMORS have him saving her from drowning.  What about Jason's injury?  He kicks out the back window to get Elizabeth out.  I'm not sure if he cuts his hands then or if something else happens later that injures PC's hitman.  What about Lucky's injury?  Well he's shot before he even knows that Elizabeth and Sam are in the car.  IF he jumps in to save Sam, I'd say its a safe bet that he makes his injury worse.  Could this be when Lucky and Liz are left together?

What about Diego?  Well he seems to still be on the loose after all this and remember RUMORS have Nikolas getting his revenge. 

What about Kate and her secret?  Well it looks like she may be confiding in Jax once again.  RUMORS also say whatever her secret is, it affects Sonny when he hears it.  Is it a secret child?  Who is Olivia? 

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Claudia, Claudia, Claudia...  what's with her throwing herself at every male in town?  Classic signs of abuse, perhaps?  RUMORS have said we'll learn that Claudia was assaulted as a child.  What we do know is that ZaCrazy tried to keep his daughter under lock and key until he threw her out at sixteen.  Was that really Anthony or Trevor that had Claudia tossed? 


Lucky confronts Elizabeth!  We told you he overhears Elizabeth talking about her secret meetings with Jason.  NOw we're hearing he'll coonfront her about it and Jason's there!  This should be was has Liason coming out in the open.  It may not be immediate, but it will happen.  

It looks like... after Jason rescues Elizabeth, they go to the hospital.  The pair may be heading to the PH together where they will be heavily guarded. Remember, Diego is still on the loose.  

We mentioned that LuSam fans shouldn't worry and we're still hearing this couple will be OK.  Is there something big coming for them?  I'm sure you all immediately thought baby RUMORS, but that may not be the case.  What we do know is that Lucky's feelings are loud and clear for one Samantha McCall.