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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Feb 28,08

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Lulu gives me a freakin’ headache. Standing there, yelling at Spixie like somehow they forced her to go over to Logan’s, they forced Logan to behave like a raving lunatic, they forced Lulu to smack him with the wrench. NO honey, that’s all on you and on Logan. No one else. And why she’s blaming them for the evidence, when she herself saw the evidence and believed it to be true. So glad Spinelli didn’t back down to her. So glad Maxie gave her a good smack and a good smackdown. And I can’t wait to see what Crazy Claudia’s going to do with her, now that she’s standing in the Z living room.

Line of the day:

Maxie to Lulu: “You want to be mad at someone be mad at yourself because you doubted Logan and you nearly killed him.”

Where is everyone who lives in Sam’s building? How is it that no one heard Liz’ cry for help. No one saw a man in a ski mask, carrying out coma Liz in the elevator. No one’s in the parking garage and sees them. What are the odds?

The speed of light award goes to Max, who barely hung up the phone from Jason and manages to find Diego. Unfortunately for Max, he’s a terrible shot considering he was only about 6 feet away and missed him entirely. Maybe Micheal does need to be a part of the organization, since he got Kate in the heart without even trying!!

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Loved all the Spixie stuff. From Maxie snooping through Jason’s files and Jason trying to get rid of her to her calling Spinelli on his English. Too cute.

Micheal’s been gone a couple of days, at least, why is Jax only now putting his investigative team onto it? Why is Jason only now asking Spin for the camera work from the alley?

I certainly hope with Nik remembering that we never have to see that horrid scene of Emily getting strangled again. How many times in the past week or so have we been forced to watch it? Enough already. I do love that Nik told Jason he was going with him, that he wasn’t going to sit idly by while Jason went to the rescue. Now, let’s call up Lucky and get this show on the road!

I liked feisty Liz, not backing down, pulling Diego’s mask off and trying to scratch his face. You go girl.

Scrubs: Ok, that lead in better be Patrick admitting he knows the truth and I want to see it tomorrow and not have it dropped and picked up again a week from now.