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Levin Rambin on Lipstick Jungle Tonight

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All My Children's Levin Rambin is hopping networks to appear on NBC's "Lipstick Jungle" tonight! According to a recent interview she describes her character as "a character named Chloe Jamison, who is a very spoiled, overly dramatic, out-of-control actress who works for Brooke Shields' character, who is a movie executive," said Rambin, who spoke by phone from her home in New York."

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I think it's time for us All My Children fans to accept the fact that Levin may not be on All My Children much longer (I'm not saying she's leaving, just making an observation). She seems to be making a lot of smart decisions when it comes to her career and if she stays on this track I can definitely see her in a primetime TV show or in the movies very soon.

How much longer do you think Levin will stay on All My Children?