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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.29.08

Leap Day!  Sorry about the lack of Scoops lately, but with the strike ending and Guza & Company taking back the reigns, Spoilers have been hard to come by.  

Here's The Scoop!


RUMORS have Nikolas getting the final revenge on Diego.  A pretty intense fight scene has been filmed and it is in fact Nikolas who takes Diego out once and for all. Jason gets a shot off and hits Diego but its Nikolas' rage strength that finally ends Diego's reign of terror.  What has Nik going in a rage?  Well, Diego falls to what everyone thinks is his death after Jason shoots him.  Nikolas and Nadine go to make sure he's dead.  When they split up, Diego attacks Nadine and its Nik to the rescue.  Diego takes Nadine to his secret hide out and straps her in to the bomb ready den.  Before Diego can hit the switch, Nikolas gets the upperhand.  Spixie helps him out by causing a distraction.  Diego falls to his death.

What about Nikolas' brain tumor?  Well Nikolas isn't ready to give up Emily and Dr. Devlin still wants to feed him those drugs without Patrick or Robin's knowledge.  Are those drugs making Nikolas' condition worse?  Remember, we believe (maybe its just our wishful thinking) that Ian has a Cassadine Connection and is looking to control the Cassadine Prince.  Look for Alexis to plead with Nikolas to have the surgery for Spencer's sake. Nikolas wants to live with the tumor and keep Emily around. 

Speaking of Dr. Evil... I mean Devlin,
he's pretty impressive when it comes to the quick, yet difficult diagnosis.  RUMORS say this does not go unnoticed.  It looks like Dr. Devlin gets some praise from the higher ups at GH as they think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Whatever happened to Patrick and Ian's competition to be #1?   Well, we caught a glimpse of it but its seems to have been phased out a bit.  We're hearing that not everyone is on the "We Love Ian" bandwagon.  Nurse Nadine may start to become suspicous of the Doctor.  Remember, Nikolas and Nadine are getting closer and Nikolas seems to trust the young Nurse.  Will he trust her enough to tell her about the secret meds?

Ric and Marianna, married?  That's a RUMOR out there.  Marianna needs to stay in this country and Ric asked Alexis for her help.  Well it seems all Alexis can come up with is for Marianna to marry a US Citizen.  We should be getting a few more Rexis scenes and Ric is worried about Jerry and Alexis' budding relationship. 

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What's happening with Jerry and Alexis?  RUMORS have said they were to be paired together yet they've barely shared any screen time.  We're still hearing that Jerry and Alexis will be a couple but we're also still hearing that Jerry gets his attorney in a bit of trouble with the FBI.  RUMORS say the feds come knocking on Alexis' door asking questions about her client and the money she moved for him. 


Is the Jackal falling for the Wounded Blonde One?  Lulu may think so and she just might be asking Spinelli if he has feelings for Maxie.  Does he?  Let's just say he thinks he does.  RUMORS have Spinelli being there for Maxie on Georgie's birthday.  As far as I can tell, Spixie is not going to be a romantic pairing however TPTB are very pleased with the response to them.  I personally would love to see them as friends, the friends he and Lulu couldn't be because of his unrequited feelings.  OLD RUMORS have a Maxie-Logan pairing.  The Jackal PI is still on the case of the missing mini mobster.  Spinelli will get a lead on Michael.

Jason hurts his hands saving Liz from the car.   Does he get to Sam in time?  RUMORS had Lucky saving Sam so we'll just have to wait and see.  But as far as Jason's injuries go, the town hitman will not have use of his trigger finger.  Is the damage permanent?  Not sure but Jason does push his recovery too far when he attempts to return to work as Sonny's enforcer.  RUMORS say that puts his life in danger. Is this the begining of the change in the Mob?  

Remember those old RUMORS of Jason taking control of Corinthos-Morgan.  Well Jason's injuries may force him to re-evaluate his role in the organization.  Don't get too excited, Guza's back so we don't see the mob going anywhere.  There may be an internal struggle at Sonnybucks though.  During the the days of Soily (ones we all wish to forget) the war between Sonny and Jason was the diamond in the very rough storyline.  Guza loves to recycle.

A few more....

We're getting more Johnny.  He's been taping alot.  

Kate's secret... has to do with the family she never speaks of. 

Patrick has the grim news for Jason but is it Ian operating?  

Sam wants Lucky to work for their reunion.

Will Sonny finally realize he is not Father of the Year?

Tracey and Luke make their way back into the Quartermaine Mansion.

Lucky is not happy with Elizabeth for breaking their agreement.