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Daytime Confidential #206: CBS & Days Silent But Deadly


On today's show Mike, Jay, and Luke discuss the Days of Our Lives' plane crash, Tamara Braun's arrival, will Grandpa Shawn's death be used as well as Asa's on OLTL, Chelsea's upcoming storyline, and Phillip's leg.


Over on Young and Restless we discuss Victor Jr aka Adam vs. Nick and whether or not he may have the hots for Phyliss and Nikki or both. Nick's memory and why hasn't he gotten it back?

We're looking forward to Guiding Light's production changes and we discuss whether or not it will have a positive impact on the show and if it doesn't, what then?

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On Bold & Beautiful we discuss Brooke vs. Taylor and what happens to the show when Susan Flannery retires?

Meanwhile over at As the World Turns we discuss Vienna and Henry, Luke, Noah, and Ameera, and what is Matt's connection to Oakdale?

Oh and did we mention that Daytime Confidential is good for your marriage? 

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