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All My Children - Further and Further Down the Tubes....


Ahhhh, Nothing like a little soft porn in the afternoon. No, you say? I have to say I do agree. This past week, All My Children has yet again stooped to a new low - even for them. Pole dancing at Fusion? Whose freaking dream was that anyhow? Oh, Yeah, it had to be Ryan’s, and the hoard of ass-kissing writers in his back pocket. SO we had the fusion gals pole dancing, Annie ripping off her shirt, all the gals shimmying on poles., Then Voila! We have Ryan entering, and damn near wetting himself over it, as his estranged wife used him as a pole, and he glared all bug-eyed at Kendall. Tell me I did not have to watch this tasteless waste of screen time? I cannot for the life of me see where this storyline is heading. Why put Ryan back 4 years in his storyline, I mean seriously, we did not like him all that much four years ago either, did we? Why must we live thru this again? I do hope however, that if the writers decide to nudge Kendall in Ryan’s direction again that they write Kendall smart enough to not forget all the nasty things he has said and done to her in the past. They may be friends in the here and now, but in the past Ryan was nothing short of an abusive ass to Kendall. She deserves someone who loves her like Zach does. If they break them up, they just may lose me as a viewer. Shame,, I think I am one of the last ones too.

Although I am not a big fan of the sleazy character of JR, I certainly do not agree with the direction they have taken him in. It would have been nice to once again redeem him by allowing him to voluntarily donate the marrow to Ritchie, instead of having Ritchie, a parolee with really no money, suddenly have enough money to hire thugs, and a medical facility, and a doctor, to perform the bone marrow transplant on him. Why does Ritchie seem to think he needs to resort to this type of behavior? And where the hell did he get the cash for it?

On Friday we got our first glimpse of Tad’s biological uncle, Roy Gardner. It is reported out there that this guy is going to be Pine Valley’s worst nightmare, and even nastier than Ray Gardner had ever hoped to be. I am also told that This new character will also be somehow tied to the whole Jesse saga. Exactly how, remains to be seen. I have seen rumors and spoilers about this, and do not want to spill too much for those of you who are not spoiler-whores like I am, but all I will say, is strap on your seatbelts, as it is going to be one helluva ride!!! I will ask you this, seeing as his first Pine Valley interaction was with Annie, do any of you think she will somehow end up tangled up in this story?

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So, Kendall has a stalker. I will tell you he is going to attempt to attack her. May even be successful. Another question for all of you…Can All My Children go for at least a year without a woman being raped, beaten or abused? You know, with the well written return and reunion of Angie & Jesse, I actually thought things were going to go in the right direction for a change. I guess I was wrong….

Someone hand me my tranquilizers, it is almost time to watch All My Children again…….

~ Through the Medicated Eyes of AMC Girl