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Days of our Lives: Spoilers 3.03.08 - the View from Denial Island


G’day Days fans, welcome to this week’s edition of Days of our Lives Spoilers: The View From Denial Island.  Just to quickly clarify, because I’m sure you were all wondering, Denial Island is a place Days fans like to go to pretend certain storylines or characters never existed – eg. Willow, or Dr North.  You’re welcome to come join us on Denial Island any time – just make sure you bring your own supply of brain bleach, for when those hated characters or storylines get mentioned.

So what can we expect to see on our screens this week?

Let’s start with theTheta housegang, they seem to be gearing up to some major storylines this week.  Chelsea is still reeling over Bo’s unexpected sudden decline into pancreatic failure.  Her pain is Morgan’s gain – in front of Chelsea the Theta Queen encourages Nick to continue his grant application, telling him not to be distracted by Chelsea’s family woes.  Bitch much?  Plus, why does it look like she’s making a play for Nick?  Meanwhile, Max’s week goes from bad to worse; he gets his punishment for his part in Ford’s death – only community service, but it’s more than what anyone else got.  The page he ripped out of Nick’s notepad will come back to haunt him later in the week – Morgan tattled on him and now Nick wants to know what’s so special about the pages he took (me as well).  Morgan applies for an internship with DiMera Advertising and has an interview with Tony (I think she’d be better off at a newspaper just quietly, i.e. bring back Jack and Jen!).  For those who FF Stax scenes (Stephanie and Max, aka Meph), have your fingers ready later in the week when Stephanie comforts Max over his continued pain of losing his Pop.


Chloe moves into the Kiriakis mansion, along with her plethora of bags.  You'd be forgiven for thinking she was moving in permanently.  I’m not surprised she’s crying poor; it must have cost a fortune to fly all that excess baggage.  Before she's even unpacked Philip stumbles across Chloe making a personal call... to Austria!  His suspicion is aroused by her reluctance to continue the conversation with him in the room, even though she’s speaking in German.  Ahh Chloe, what are you hiding?  You’re very lucky it was Philip and not Victor, who overheard you missy!  Even so, Philip’s kinda scary when he’s mad and I wouldn’t want to be caught out lying to him.  Alas, I think Chloe continues to hide the truth, even when confronted with Philip’s accusations later in the week. 

Shelle continue along their exit storyline and renew some vows, but not before worrying over Bo who’s looking pretty pasty (kudos Days makeup department – Bo actually does look really sick).


Bo’s condition is still deteriorating and morale is low.  In sweeps Victor with his miracle cure - Dr Daniel Jonas – who promises everyone that he will “try to save” Bo.  Until such time, Hope and Chelsea’s worry for Bo causes them to bond (awww).  Later, Chelsea introduces Dr Jonas to her Grandmaw Kate, who notices a certain admiration in her granddaughter’s eye – but seriously, I think Kate will steal the cute doctor for herself, we all know how much she likes younger men!!

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You know who else doesn’t look so well?  Poor Ali Sweeney – she wasn’t sounding too good last week, was she?  Get well soon Ali, we love ya!  Samantha and her 'still-husband' EJ move further along the annulment path this week – until a letter brings them to a grinding halt.  Disclaimer: this next storyline makes my head hurt, but since it moves me closer to EJami, I will watch – otherwise it’d be FF’d.  EJ’s visa to stay in the US has expired and he’s being deported, prompting an Immigration agent to pay him and Samantha a visit to hear him plead his case.  Sami wants EJ to stick around so little Johnny has his father, but when asked if she loves EJ, Samantha can’t quite make herself say the ‘L’ word out loud, much to EJ’s (and EJami fans’) disappointment.  For those who like to see EJ sweat a little, this should be interesting viewing.

Jawndie (credit to TFO Forum poster Dr.EvansBlack for Jarlena’s new smush name – Jawn & Blondie)

The best spoilers for these two this week revolve around Jawn’s hiring of Rolf as his butler.  Now Jawn, don’t worry that Rolf is responsible for your memory loss, and has been part of numerous DiMera plots and schemes to inflict endless torture on your old self 'John' and family – sure, give him a job, why not?  Curiously, Jawn’s only condition of employment seems to be that Rolf give up his accent… hmm.  Maybe this is just another one of Jawn’s endless supply of smart remarks? Hands up who’s loving those by the way?!

FINALLY (it’s a big week, everyone’s got screen time yay!) – Payla

We learn more about psycho-Ava – she’s being controlled (and guarded) by her father who is involved in organised crime.  She and Patch were together during Patch’s ‘missing’ years, but when he left, her mental state deteriorated and now she’s obsessed with him, wanting him back.  Abe relays her past crimes to Patch, while Ava stares at photos of Patch and the Brady's, looking more and more insane with each moment.  She still thinks Hope is Kayla… uh oh!  Ava decides it might be time for a little reunion with Patch, who is out there searching for her with Abe.  Kayla is suspicious of Patch's nervous behaviour, but at least she has some idea that something’s wrong – poor Hope has no clue that she’s the target of mistaken identity.

Coming Up Next Week:

  • DiMera family dinner part 2?
  • The Brady family say their goodbye’s to Bo, but could experimental surgery save his life?
  • Chelsea goes on a drinking bender – not good when you’re the only potential organ donor for your Dad

Come join us on the TFO Forums in the Days weekly discussion thread to talk about these spoilers and other happenings in Salem this week!