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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations March 4.08


Ok, there’s no way that Epiphany would be back to work, in a high stress job, 2 minutes after having a massive heart attack and bypass surgery. I know there was a shortage of nurses with both Liz and Nadine MIA, but they could have had Bobbie fill in for five minutes.

Nadine/Nik: I do like them together and I like that Nik isn’t jumping in with both feet just yet. He’s still looking at her like she’s got a second head coming out the side of her neck and the writers aren’t making them go at warp speed just to get a relationship going. I liked that she defended herself against Diego by pulling whatever it was out of her bag and spraying him with it, and then smacking him with the board, but again, someone who smacks once and then tries to run. Smack him three or ten times, mostly around the head before running. Glad to see that it’s likely Nikolas who will finish off Diego and in that respect Jason won’t get to play hero.

Funny line of the day:

Nikolas (after Nadine pulls a flashlight out of her bag): “You wouldn’t happen to have a gun in there, would you?”

LuSam/Liason: I love the fact that Lucky, despite being unconscious and half dead mere moments before, now has the strength to pull Sam, who’s got to be at least 110 pounds, up off the side of the bridge, one handed. I know all about adrenaline, but still. And Liz, love you to death, but do you think you can take five minutes out of cradling Jason’s head to maybe help Lucky pull Sam up.

Loved all the Mac stuff, basically blaming Jason for everything, since Jason really is to blame.

Line of the day #1:

Mac: “Jason is responsible for bringing all this down on all of us”

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Liz: “Jason saved both our lives”

Mac: “They wouldn’t have needed saving if Jason hadn’t killed Alcazar which set his son on a path of revenge”

Second favourite line of the day was between Jax and Sonny:

Sonny: “The Zacchara’s are behind this”

Jax: “What if you’re wrong and it costs us Micheal”

Hated Sonny being all up in CarJax’ faces when it’s clear to me that Jax is the only one who has done anything to try and find Micheal. Hated that Sonny was all “do you trust me” to Carly who accepted it. Would Carly have been so accepting if she’d known that Sonny’s been spending 90% of his time sitting in the hospital shooting the past with Kate.

Spixie: I liked some of their stuff again today, although I don’t understand why she thought she could fit through those bars. Girl is skinny, but not that skinny!!

Should I be sad that Jason might not be able to use his hands to kill again, because really, I’m not. If this isn’t a sign to get out of the profession, than I don’t know what is.