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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations March 5.08


Jason/Patrick: I’m not a fan of Jason’s, but man, Patrick’s bedside manner left a little to be desired. I get that Jason is not Patrick’s favourite person and he’s a killer to boot, but geez, you could pretend to have a little professionalism regarding the patient. Also, when Cruz showed up asking his questions, why couldn’t Jason just say that he happened to be driving by and saw Deigo shoot Lucky. Cruz clearly wanted a confession from Jason about Lo’s body being thrown off that bridge, but there were tons of explanations Jason could have come up with.

Maxie/Spin: First off, if those bars were that easy to remove, why didn’t they try that in the first place. Second, she took off her shoes because they were covered in sewer skank, but then she walks off in her stocking feet, while carrying the shoes. Eww. I’m thinking, walking in socks would be ten times worst than ruining the shoes that are already ruined. And thirdly, why didn’t they call for back up once they were released from bars. They were just lucky that Jason told Cruz to go to the warehouse.

I do like that it was a collaboration of Maxie, Spinelli and Nikolas who officially ended Diego’s reign of terror, although I could have done without the violent Nikolas getting strangled, Maxie getting strangled, Emily getting strangled scenes.

Where did Johnny find a marker in his padded cell, to use for his music? I know that I despise Sonny, but am I supposed to think that he’s a big man, when he comes in and punches a kid half as young as he is, who happens to be held back by two other men? Yeah, he doesn’t lay a finger on Trevor, he gets someone else to do that, but a 20 year old kid, yeah, he’ll do that one. Ooooh, big man…….NOT.

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Lulu/Scottie/Luke: First off, Scottie, stop barging in other people’s houses all threatening because that would give Lulu an excuse to defend herself and smack you with a wrench. Second, it had been so long since we’ve seen Luke, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why he was on the couch with a bum knee and why Alice would be there helping him. The rest of the scene was just strange with all the innuendo and “secrets” being kept.

Jerry/Alexis: Ok, he’s turning into a stalker and she’s not serious enough in her treatment of him. She’s saying no but she’s all cutsie about it, like he’s not some serious sociopath. I don’t like it.

Sam/Devlin: I’m not a huge fan of Sam’s, but I do not want her to fall into the clutches of Dr McSkanky. Especially not after that last scene of him getting some chick off the street. Ick.

Ric/Marianna: Just yesterday, I was wondering where my man Ric was, but if the only storyline he’s involved in is with this annoying girl, than I don’t want to see him. The only good thing is that she manages to get his shirt off. And why would Randy care if Marianna took off. So much so that he followed her here. Puhleeze.