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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 03.04.08


Here's the Scoop!

There's an explosion coming! Remember, Diego's little hideout is rigged to explode and it will. Is someone hurt? Do Spinelli and Maxie make it out of the sewers in time? Nikolas and Nadine are there as well. Not sure who makes and if anyone doesn't but I am seeing that Johnny Z plays hero.

We've talked about Kate's secret and we'll get back to that but what about Claudia's?
It's pretty obvious that Ms. Zacchara had a tough youth. Is it similar to Sonny's? While Kate is RUMORED to forgive Sonny's romp with Claudia, Sonny may still feel connected to his enemy through their history with abuse.

Back to Katie! We keep telling you her secret has to do with her family. RUMORS have long said it's a secret child that Ms. Howard gae up for adoption. We're still hearing those RUMORS! They also say that the child is not Sonny's, the father is on our screens and so is the child who really isn't a kid anymore. Don't forget about Olivia. Who is she?

Marianna dies! That was an OLD RUMOR that seemed to be put on hold when the character was re-casted. Now we're hearing that's still the plan. Who kills her? At first, all signs pointed to Trevor now we're hearing it'll look like Jerry did the deed but he didn't. Either way, its meant to scare Ric into unloading those waterfront properties. Randy, Marianna's ex, makes another appearance as well.

Where is the storyline we've been promised for Alexis? Things should be heating up for Ms. Davis. The feds may come knocking on her door courtesy of Jerry. She's still the DA so Alexis should be playing a role in Sam's hit and run case. We're hearing that's definitely going to be tied up and Elizabeth is the main suspect. Is it Lucky that comes to Liz's rescue? That's one RUMOR. Lucky may be striking a deal for his ex-wife. What about a Rexis reunion if Marianna dies? Ric should be convinced that Jerry killed his latest love and he'll want to keep Jerry away from Alexis and the girls. At first, Alexis will doubt Jerry's innocence but it looks like some fake evidence comes into play and Alexis starts to believe that Jerry didn't do it. Will Ric take back is role as DA to take Jerry down?


Carly is rushed to GH! RUMORS have said that Carly loses the baby. Laura Wright has said she's done wearing the fat suit. Time will tell what happens to baby Jacks but Carly will continue to have problems with her pregnancy and Dr. Lee should have some bad news for the mom to be, soon.

We're still hearing that Liason will move in together. RUMORS have them living at the Penthouse.
Don't forget about Jason's injuries, that should play a role in Jason's job change. Is he going from enforcer to boss? Sonny has his hands full with his lady drama and Jason can't risk his life. Jason's injuries makes it difficult for him to defend himself and he has a family to consider now. If Liason is living at the PH, will Spinelli be their roommate? Will Johnny become Jason's, Jason? Wil there be trouble in paradise for my favorite couple? Elizabeth may not be on board with all of Jason's choices. His job change could affect their relationship.

What's a little Liason without some LuSam? The word is still GO for this pairing. It'll be a long March for LuSam fans though. Sam's hit and run gets wrapped up and Lucky has to deal with Jason and Elizabeth as a couple and as parents. Like we've told you before, there will be a slow build but they will be together.

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RUMORS say Night Shift is coming back and that it should have a Fall premiere. The writer's strike pushed NS2 back a few months. The stars? Robin, Patrick and maybe Elizabeth. No Jason? Steve Burton has said countless times that his commute to work everyday is extremely long and most likely he will not be a part of NS2. Look for his name in the credits though, he'll probably spend some time in the Director's Chair. Who else wants to direct? Kimberly McCollough's name has been thrown out there. RUMORS also say that TPTB did learn a lesson, the storylines should match up better than last time.

Tony Geary is having knee surgery and it will be written in to the story. What about Luke? Well he'll be busy trying to hang onto his wife and dealing with his arch enemy Scott.


Should they stay or should they go? Contract RUMORS

Tony Geary and Jane Elliott: We're not sure about either actor's contract but RUMORS say Tony Geary has one foot out the door. IF TG leaves, Jane may soon follow. OH NO, not another Quartermaine!

Maurice Benard: His contract is up for renewal this summer. RUMORS say that he too may depart GH. IMO, he's staying.

Kimberly McCollough and Jason Thompson: Both of their contracts should be coming up soon. IF NS2 is a go, they are the stars but we're hearing that they could leave if the storyline isn't to their liking. Is there a chance that one would stay without the other? Yes. RUMORS say that JT wants to spread his wings a bit and may be willing to sign an ABC contract that allows him to try some primetime along with his role on GH.

Steve Burton: His contract is coming up as well. It's up in 2009. RUMORS have said that he is going and the timing of his contract expiration fits with the filming of the movie he is producing. At recent PA events for the actor, fans got the impression that he will re-sign with GH.

Kelly Monaco:
Her one-year deal is up this September. For the third year in a row, the fans will have the will she stay or will she go talk.

Natalia Livingston: She is finished come May. With Nikolas' tumor storyline coming to an end soon, her airtime will increase. BUT, we're hearing that just because the tumor is going bye bye, Emily isn't. Expect to see her until the end of April.

What does this mean for General Hospital? Change. IF all of the above depart, that's a HUGE HOLE. If only a few leave, it's still a pretty BIG HOLE as all of the above are key players.