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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Mar 6.08


Carly: Yes Carly, Liz and Sam both got Deigo to grab them so that Jason would come along to save them and cut his hands so that he can’t shoot people anymore. And somehow that affects only you.

Loved Pif’s smackdown of Carly. I don’t usually like Epiphany’s meddling, but this time, it was so good, I laughed, rewound and laughed again.

Carly: “We’re not finished here”

Pif: “I said, I need nurse Webber on the 10th floor and you will get out of her way or, heart attack or not, I will turn you upside down and mop the floor with your hair.”

Diane/Kate: Loved Diane’s disdain of Sonny and I like the friendship between these two.

Claudia/Sonny: Meh, although I did like her little smackdown of him.

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Sonny: “Johnny’s just a snot nosed kid”

Claudia: “Do you feel more like a man, holding hostage, what you call, a snot nosed kid?”

Jerry/Devlin: Ok, is there anyone who doesn’t know that Jerry’s accompliss is Dr Annoying? Because as much dialogue as he had today, it was clear that it was his voice. But why does he always have to take off his shirt when talking/meeting with Jerry?

Spixie: I liked the scene at the graveyard. Very sweet between them and very nice of the writers to remember Georgie’s birthday. But, memo to Cassius, Spin was involved with the TMK stuff yesterday, can he be given two minutes to catch his breath before you get all over him about the Stan stuff.

Why isn’t the warehouse cordoned off, considering a serial killer was living there? Why is it that we weren’t allowed to see Nikolas saving Nadine, but only heard that she’d been saved? Can’t have Nikolas being the hero two days in a row while Jason lies comatose in the hospital??

Kate/Jax: Such pretty people together, why must they be stuck with others? I liked that Kate confided in Jax about Sonny’s “cheating” although I wouldn’t technically call it cheating since they weren’t together when he did it. Loved, loved, LOVED Jax’ smackdown of Sonny. Especially since he was allowed the last word.

Sonny: "Jax, is there any word on Micheal?

Jax: "Yes Sonny, we've heard some stuff but were keeping it from you"

Sonny: "Is there a reason you're more dismissive of me than usual?

Jax: “MORE dismissive than usual? NO.”