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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 03.06.08

YAY!!!! We're back!  But the time off means lots to catch up on so HERE'S THE SCOOP!

Everyone knows now that Guza is back in the writing chair and he's making his adjustments.  One adjustment, the character of Claudia Zacchara.  Apparently, the strike writers were not writing the Claudia Guza had in mind when he created the character.  We should be seeing a slightly different Claudia.

Speaking of Claudia... she'll mix it up with Robin.  YAY, Sarah and Kim!  Why are they mixing it up?  Johnny gets hurt saving Carly from the explosion and Robin's his doctor. 

Diego's the Killer, Diego is Dead ( for real this time ) but that's not where the story ends.  As we all saw yesterday the warehouse/cannery is wired to blow and blow it will.  The question is who makes it and who doesn't.  We're hearing that someone does die.  Carly is there, looking for Michael and its Johnny Z who rescues her.  Does Carly, die?  Yes!  RUMORS say Carly will flatline, have a heavenly experience and be saved.  Her and the baby are said to be OK.

We told you Lucky is finding out about Liason's secret Liasions.  He should find out tomorrow.  Lucky will be pissed and he'll tell Elizabeth he's done with the charade.  Sam doesn't want that though.  She wants Lucky to fight for the boys and Lucky is just not as into revenge as Sam McCall.  Betrayal RUMORS... well it looks like Sam will do whatever she can to get Elizabeth arrested for her hit and run.  Lucky will be trying to help his ex-wife and will even stop Alexis from pressing charges against Elizabeth by pointing out all of Sam's misdeeds that she has not paid for.  

Marianna is pregnant???  That's a RUMOR out there and it just could go with the RUMOR that a woman and her baby die.  Is it Ric's or Randy's?  IF and WHEN Marianna dies, it might be a car bomb. Hmmmm.... early RUMORS said Marianna would be Ric's, Lily.  Before all that, Marianna gets a job waiting tables at Kellys.

Robin gets hurt by Nikolas!!!!  In yet another fit of rage, Nikolas is RUMORED to lash out and kick Robin right in the belly.  Patrick goes into overprotective dad mode and insists that she and the baby get checked out.   Is this the OLD RUMOR of Patrick performing an ultrasound on an unconscious Robin?  Before that, Patrick is all about kicking Nikolas' ass.

It's another ping pong match for Lulu and her men.  She tells Johnny she still has feelings for Logan.  Oh please, make up your mind and stick with it.  That Lulu is on fickle, fickle girl.  Claudia has some advice for her baby bro, ditch her and forget her.   Who does Lulu really want to be with?  We're hearing its Johnny but she feels guilty for putting Logan into a coma.   Look for Lulu to fake her feelings for Logan when she really wants Johnny. I'm rooting for Johnny and in the end it should be JoLu.  Johnny makes Lulu, watchable, IMO.  FYI: Logan wakes up sometime next week.

RUMORS of Sam being fired from Everyday Heroes....makes sense since she never goes to work anymore.  What's next for Ms. McCall?  Not 100% sure but there are the Ian RUMORS and she may be defending Ian to Lucky but secretly doubting her doc.  This should tie into Nikolas' treatments with Dr. Devlin.  

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Liason, Liason, Liason... they're my faves, I don't try to hide it.  I already told you they're moving into the Penthouse at the end of the month.  Is a wedding close behind?  That's the RUMOR out there.  In fact that RUMOR goes onto say that Jason may even adopt little Cameron.  Remember, Lucky never adopted him.  There should still be a few bumps for this pair but they will be united as lovers and as parents. 

More on Carly... Mini Mobster admits to her that he shot Kate and why he ran. 

Jax becomes Kate's BFF.  She'll tell him her deepest, darkest, secret.... we already know its a child and her name was Olivia.  Carly is not going to like Kate and Jax's friendship. 


Jason's injuries require a specialist.... in Seattle.  Can we say shameless ABC plug?  If I didn't love Grey's so much, this might annoy me.  RUMORS say Seattle Grace is mentioned by name.  Shonda Rimes (creator & writer of Grey's, is a HUGE GH Fan)

Tracey and Luke...headed to Divorce Court. 

Carly tells Sonny that Kate knows about Claudia and the ONS. 

Guza wants Alexis and Jerry, Jill didn't .  That could explain the lack of JLex scenes. 

Jason tells Sonny that Michael shot Kate.  Look for Carly's life to be a bit out of control. She's upset about Jason and Sonny keeping the gun stuff from her and now that mini mobster is back, it's mommy picking up the pieces, not daddy.

UPDATE on NS2... it may not be a GO afterall.  Is OLTL getting a spinoff?