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All My Children: Ricky Paull Goldin Comes to Pine Valley as Jake Martin


Just barely a week after it was announced that Ricky Paull Goldin decided not to renew his contract with Guiding Light TV Guide is reporting that Goldin has signed with All My Children. Joining the cast as Jake Martin.


Of course this big news had to come in the midst of server upgrades here at Daytime Confidential so we're a bit behind on the topic but in case you aren't tired of discussing it already I'd really like to know what you think of these developments?

Will all the Ricky Paull Goldin fans amongst us from Guiding Light tune in to see him on All My Children? Are the All My Children fans amongst us excited to see the character of Jake Martin return to Pine Valley?

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Is anyone worried that having such a great actor end up on a show whose writing quality is questionable at best (excluding the Angie and Jesse storyline), is just going to end up being another disaster?

And who does everyone expect to Jake paired with? Could this be the storyline to get Greenlee out of Ryan's orbit? Do you want him with Kendall? What about Amanda?

Side Note: Call me superstitious but let's hope that he doesn't decide to hop to another soap anytime soon. Having the site down sucks!

Shout out to Jamie and Joshua for the tips!