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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 03.07.08

Here's the Scoop!

Remember when Jax wanted Jerry to be his business partner?  Now Ian wants Jerry to find a partner.  Enter Jax!  Jerry will tell his bro he's changed his mind and wants to become a legit business man.  Just a helpful to tip to Jax: Once a liar, always a liar. 


Scrubs Fans:  Like we've told you, there should be a few proposals before Robin and Patrick decide to get married.  Something happens that brings them back together.  It could be the kick to the belly, it could be something else.  The broken condom: RUMORS say Patrick and Leyla will discuss his exposure to HIV.

Ian's story changing?  Not surprising as we expect Guza to make his changes.  They may tie Ian to someone already on the canvas.  RUMORS say Sam and Ian are being tested to a certain extent.  The fans love LuSam and TPTB know that.  

Speaking of LuSam... they should have a scene today where Sam thanks Lucky for saving her, actually she thanks him for doing his job and he tells her that's not why he saved her.  Ian interrupts their conversation.

Yesterday I told you that Carly and the baby are OK.  New reports say that she loses Baby Jacks.  Time will tell as that Cannery is ready to blow and Carly will be directly in harms way.  IMO, as unrealistic as it would be to have Carly flatline but the baby be OK,  (I'm no doctor but it seems unrealistic to me)  I really want Jax to have a child.  


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Timeline for the explosion:  Most likely it'll blow end of next week.  Trevor finds out where Sonny has Johnny and he needs to be free to save Carly.  Spinelli will be working on locating all the bombs Diego set up and searching for Michael.

I mentioned a scene between Patrick and Liz where they talk babies and secret daddies.  That conversation is still RUMORED to happen.  Patrick had his parting words for Elizabeth before Jason's surgery and yesterday he saw her bring Jake into Jason's room.  

Liason!  Still hearing they are moving in together and that wedding belles will not be far behind.  BUT there are RUMORS that Liason is part of Guza's post - strike tweaking.  Supposedly, he's steering them back in the direction he wanted them to go.  Unfortuantely, Guza's direction usually involves angst and long drawn out reveals.  Is the Liason outing being stalled yet again?  


NIkolas and his tumor... he'll fight against the operation.  He's brought into the ER in the middle of an episode.  Alexis tries to reason wiht her nephew but he stands his ground, no surgery! Nikolas decides to go with Devlin's drug therapy. 


How about some Q Family RUMORS?  Monica heading to Rehab?  That's one that's been out there.  She may find herself in Shadybrook and the RUMORS go on to say that Jason pays his mother a visit.  IF this happens, Jason should be telling Monica about Jake.  What else is going on in Q Land?  Well Edward may be reaching out to Tracey and don't forget, Luke and Tracey have the goods on Monica from the night of the hit and run.  Luke is RUMORED to come to Elizabeth's aid.  

Spinelli, naked?  'Nuf said.