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Who Would You Like To See Write For Days Of Our Lives?

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More controversy is hounding Days Of Our Lives since the Writer's Strike and the whole mess that occured since the show fired the entire writing team including Headwriter Hogan Sheffer. Soap Opera Networkis reporting that Days Of Our Lives is about to officially announce Dena Higley as the new Headwriter.The controversy stems from rumors that Higley crossed picket lines to become a SCAB writer during the Writer's Strike and did NOT accept 'Fi-Core' status. If a Writer's Guild of America (WGA) member like Higley were to become a scab, it is deemed worse than going on Fi-Core'  status because it "means you're trying to get away with working during a strike -- and suffer no consequences". However if evidence were to appear identifying a scab writer during the Writer's Strike, then rest assured their days would be numbered as soaps are not allowed to use non-Guild members (ie/ Scabs!)

SON also mentions in the article that "key players at "DAYS" are unhappy with decision to have Dena Higley as Head Writer and would prefer an alternative that would be more beneficial to the show". This then leads me into my next question for Days Of Our Lives fans....Who would you like to see write for the show? Would you accept a scab writer knowing full well they crossed the picket lines instead of taking the legal 'Fi-Core' status and write for the show? 

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