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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Mar 7.08


Is it evil of me that I really wished the warehouse would have exploded with Marianna in it? Throw in stupid looking Randy and my Easter came early!! Seriously, why have Randy show up? He seems like the kind of moronic guy that beats up on his women, but doesn’t give a crap when they’re gone. Why have him show up in town and add more junk to the already junky RikYawna snoozefest?

Not enough Spixie today. They were starting to get interesting, with Spinelli asking Maxie to join him in the box opening and then they were gone.

Patrick/Liz: I was annoyed at first, when Patrick was all in her face about bringing Jake to see Jason, but then I was glad that he apologized and I liked their scene together. But then Robin came in and Patrick suddenly had to get his dose of snark in for the day.

Claudia/Papa Crazy: I love Bruce Weitz. The guy’s ability to just flow in and out of the crazy talk really impresses me. You’re never quite certain if he knows what he’s saying, if he’s pretending to be crazy, or if he really is crazy. And I like father/daughter working together better than when they show them at odds.

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Alexis/Nik: NLG was rocking it today. I loved Alexis calling Nik out on the Spencer stuff. And the Lucky, Lulu, Kristina, Molly stuff too. And I felt so bad for her when Nik was screaming at to leave and she actually had tears in her eyes. Good job. I could have lived without the Nik/Tumor stuff though. What a dumb Friday “cliffhanger”.

Lucky/Sam: Some sweet stuff between them, and I wish it hadn’t been interrupted by Dr Annoying.

Sonny/Kate: Ok, how dumb is Sonny? (yes, that was rhetorical!!). He lays out of the clues about Micheal, yet doesn’t clue into the truth. Micheal was hyped up. He got bullets and looked into getting a gun. Kate is shot. Micheal’s bag is found not far from Kate’s body. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the Zachara’s were involved. For crying out loud, figure it out. It’s not rocket science here, people. I was really hoping that Kate would get the lightbulb moment and go, “Uh, wait a minute,….”