One Life to Live: Kristen Alderson's "Start Talking With Kristen"


One Life to Live's Kristen Alderson has a new blog called "Start Talking With Kristen" at ABC.com. and she's talking about Starr wanting to have sex for the first time. We've got two excerpts from her blog but you'll want to be sure to check it out in its entirety.


"I was shocked when I first heard about what the show wanted to do (Starr and Cole having sex for the first time). I always said that the show wouldn't make Starr have sex because the audience watched me grow up on the show. I thought they'd wait longer. I never thought it would happen so quickly. Then I heard how and where the story was going. Of course, my mom is like my right arm and she was the first person I talked to about it. I was like, omigod, I'm going to do a sex scene. But after talking to Frank (our Executive Producer), he said it wouldn't be promiscuous in any way. It'd be about our emotions.

Taping the scenes, I got down to my bra but it was like a bathing suit. I got to try it on ahead of time and help make the decision. Actually, wardrobe and I agreed on the bra. It was very casual because Starr didn't go over there with the plan to have sex. It was an average day in Starr’s life. They wanted me to be comfortable and I got to be really involved. They closed the set. It was really private. They really took care of me."