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As the World Turns: Martha Byrne Speaks Out!


Soap Opera Digest (dated March 18, 2008) got Martha Byrne's side of the story regarding her impending departure. The statements were short and not-so-sweet. 

ATWT: "We have made Martha an incredibly generous offer in hopes that she would remain a valuable member of the As the World Turns cast." 

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Byrne commented that in all her years at the ATWT, she has never commented on contract negotiations. She felt she needed to clarify the statement the show chose to release about her departure. She explained, "Last year, understanding the impending fiscal constraints the show faced, I willingly signed a one-year contract with a substantial pay reduction. With six weeks remaining on that contract, the show began negotiations on a new one. I made it known I was willing to sign a multi-year contract and was committed to stay with the show." She went on to comment that an impasse was hit less than three weeks into the process. "I then learned the show, that same afternoon, put out a breakdown for my immediate replacement. That was the end of any further negotiations for me. Unfortunately, what I thought to be a reasonable and workable request, the show determined [to be] unworkable."

Daytime keeps losing viewers. Anyone care to guess why?