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Days Of Our Lives: Aussie Update


Well EJ is now really starting to make his presence felt in Salem this week on Days here in Australia. He has shared some tense scenes with Kayla, Hope, Phillip and now Will. He has also conspired to have Kayla driven off the road and have her land in hospital. When Marlena payed a visit to Steve in the loony bin, there was almost a moment there where I thought the 'Doc' may have persuaded Steve to turn the corner, but Steve sent Marlena marching out. Marlena did return quite quickly to tell Steve that Kayla was in an accident and has landed herself in emergency at the hospital. Steve was quick on the fly to con one of his guards to bring him a bar of soap which when used on human's helps rise the body temperature - with this, Steve was burning up a fever and landed in the next room from Kayla in the hospital. Bo and Hope were at the hospital doing their best to speak with Steve and try to make a break-through to his memory and ask that he go through some treatment to help get his life back on track.

EJ also shared a couple of intense moments with Hope, telling her that she lost Zach and will now also lose Shawn Douglas. An angry Hope tries to strike EJ in the face but he is quick in telling her that nobody cross' him. EJ and Philip had broken into Bo and Hope's place and setup a hidden camera, with this installed, EJ asks Will to help install the VGA networked attachments into his laptop and through to his television for a lazy $200. Why didn't he ask me, I probably would have done it for $100! I must say Will is looking much better with his haircut - gentlemen like. EJ sits back in his apartment watching every move Bo and Hope make in their living room, however Hope and Bo are aware that their house has been bugged and must be very cautious when taking any calls from Shawn.

The crap is still unfolding on Tinda Lau. Shawn now tells Belle they can leave for Australia. However, Philip has come and gone from the island without any runnings in with anyone. I have kinda lost total interest with this storyline and am hitting that button friend of mine which reads 'FF'. I think our saving grace here in Australia on Days at the moment is the fact we have Steve, Kayla, Bo, Hope and Marlena all wrapped up in scenes and the occassional scenes between EJ and Sami are bearable. I would rate this week a 5 out of 10 - more improvement required! I do think that Judi Evans' return as Adrienne is only days away now so this will totally bolster our Aussie hopes in hanging in with this flagging show.

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