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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Mar 10.08


Today was a very meh episode for me.

Oh look we finally got the reveal that Devlin is Jerry’s go-to guy. Wow, I’m shocked. No wait, I’m not. Nor do I seem to care. Now maybe that’s because I was spoilered, but I’m guessing those who weren’t had likely already figured it out and didn’t really care either.

Why is Nadine suddenly back at work with no mention of the fact that she was almost killed “yesterday”? Even when Devlin starts wanking about how Nik shouldn’t have been running around after the killer in his condition, all she says is something about avenging his fiance’s death and doesn’t say something along the lines of, “If Nik hadn’t been there, I’d be dead.” It’s like Nadine being taken and saved by Nikolas never happened.

Liz/Jason: Ok, I get that they had to repeat their history/story so that Lucky could overhear it, but how lame was that conversation. “Remember Jason, how there was blood on my fender and we thought I hit an animal, remember”. I know Jason’s brain damaged and probably on a whole bunch of drugs right now, but yeah, I think he’d remember that without needing to be reminded of it. Was there no other way for the information to come out for Lucky to overhear than like that?

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I know that I normally hate on Lulu, but today, she really deserved it. Being all gaga over Logan and kicking Scotty out when the only reason she’s there is because Johnny’s been MIA for a couple of days and not fawning all over her. I have no doubt that if Johnny was around and continuing their relationship, that she wouldn’t be sitting by Logan’s bedside, wanting him to wake up so they can see where they’re relationship is going. Logan can be a pain, but they need him to get out of that relationship, pronto.

So the whole point of bringing Randy to town was for what? He shows up, looking all ominous, and then Ric basically tells him to jump off and then he leaves. Whatever. Oh and look, Marianna is the bestest waitress that ever waitressed. Because that doesn’t increase her boring-ness or anything. Oh, and good thing Mike warned her about evil Ric, you know, Mike, the father of the father of the year. Whatever.

And speaking of the father of the year, the whole thing just hurts my head too much. “I’m going to cut off your fingers and send them to Trevor.” “Trevor doesn’t care about you”. Well then why the heck would you send him Johnny’s fingers? The whole thing is just stupid and it makes Sonny look even dumber than he did before. Argh, why am I spending any time on that idiot? Also, why did Johnny use the phone to call Lulu? He could have called any number of people, including the local Pizza Pizza place, since he’s probably starving to death by now.