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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 03.11.08

Scoops will be a little light this week... life sometimes gets in the way.

Here's a little Scoop!

Lucky tells Liz he knows!  He'll cover for her when it comes to the hit and run but will he risk the boys' safety and tell all?  Will Lucky go to Jason first for answers?

Claudia sees Lulu with Logan?  That's a RUMOR out there and big sis will be pissed that miss Lulu is playing her brother.  Remember we told you that Claudia tells Johnny to ditch Lulu.  It's guilt that has Lu by Logan's side.  Lulu and Johnny will decide to end their relationship.  As is typical for GH, be ready for the angst that is sure to follow.

Are the Sonny and Jason battles about to start?  RUMORS say Sonny takes Jason to task for saving Sam and Liz when he should be looking for Michael.  The RUMORS go on to say that Elizabeth is the there for Sonny's berating of Jason and she has a few words of her own for the Godfather.  Jason tries to get Sonny to see that Michael ran away and was not kidnapped by the Z Family.  RUMORS say Sonny will see that is the truth when he finds the little thugs who sold Mini-Mobster a gun.

Recommended Articles

Tracey confronts Monica!

Robin tries to explain herself to Patrick.  RUMORS say Robin explains her choices by telling Patrick she didn't want them to hate eachother because of the choices they've made.

RUMORS say Nikolas flatlines during surgery!  Emily tells him to choose life. First, he kicks Robin in the tummy in a rage.  Then he holds everyone off as he has a scapel.  Will Nadine be able to talk him down?

The Cannery blows up on Friday!

Anyone remember that very old RUMOR about Maxie working for Kate Howard?  Well that RUMOR is making the rounds once again.  Will Maxie be Kate's new assistant?

Those Seattle Grace RUMORS may not be fake.  It looks like Jason's first surgery didn't go all that well and he'll need another one.  Patrick tells him of a specialist in Seattle.  RUMORS say Jason goes there at the end of the month.  That could be the tail end of Steve Burton's vacation and Jason will be offscreen for a few days.