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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations March 12.08


Why hasn’t Trevor’s butt been fired yet? He’s essentially an employee of the Zachara organization, so why doesn’t Claudia just fire him? It makes no sense to me that all three Zs, including Crazy Daddy, don’t trust or give a crap about Trevor, yet he’s still allowed to run the show.

Boy that Nik is awfully spry for someone who was briefly, under sedation, and just resuscitated from a very long near death. I don’t think I have that much energy on my best days! Although, was I the only one laughing at his holding a scalpel on people? Oh no, please don’t scalpel me. Oy. And the entire Nik/Devlin pill crap is almost as annoying as the Nik/dead TumorEmily stuff.

Loved Spixie once again. Loved her being able to find out what Spinelli was working on and helping him with his case. I find it interesting that she suddenly had self doubts regarding her lot in life and the sadness that KS put into that scene, before she left Spinelli was well done. Can I just have an hour of them?

Is someone shaving Logan? Because you’d think a guy in a coma would have a heck of a beard by now.

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Claudia/Sonny: I know that I don’t understand the idiot’s logic, but how exactly can Claudia give him something to barter with if she doesn’t have Micheal? Is he expecting her to go out and find Micheal for him? Again, could he be doing less to find his son?

Jason/Sonny: Man, what does that say about the idiot that the brain damaged guy, who’s got a bunch of medication flowing in his system right now, is actually the one making sense in their conversation. And again, Sonny fails to see what’s right in front of his face. He tells Jason that he told Micheal to run and keep running but then doesn’t clue in that that’s what Micheal did. “Micheal would come to me if he did something like that”. No he wouldn’t you idiot. You just freakin’ said that you told him to run.

Can I just say how annoyed I am that Mike brought the little delinquents to Sonny. I feel like that was betraying Spinelli, since Spin’s the one who put Mike on the trail of these two and now Spin won’t get the credit he deserves for all the hard work he’s put into the case.

And the hypocrite of the day goes to……well, do I even need to say his name?!! How dare these two delinquents sell guns and ammo to children, yet in the same breath, he’s willing to kill these two teenagers. Yea Sonny, which one of you two is the most evil?

Scrubs: I actually felt like there was some progress made in their fighting today. Yes, it was the same fight, AGAIN, but this time, Robin made the comment about the two of them growing to hate each other because they want different things in life, and how she wouldn’t subject her child to that. That makes sense to me. Both of her parents left her and even though Uncle Mac was as loving a father as he could be, and she grew up with Maxie and Georgie as sisters, she’s always been truly alone, and I think that she’s afraid of putting all her eggs in Patrick’s basket (so to speak), only to be left. She’s protecting her child and I get that. I think Patrick needs to back off just a smidge and understand where she’s coming from and try to figure out what he truly wants long term before continuing to pursue her