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Psycho Dad


I realized something while I was watching OLTL over the weekend. I realized it is much easier to bitch about a soap than it is to praise a soap. (I also realized Todd Manning is a even worse father than Sonny

Corinthos but that's another post.) I can think off 1100 ways to say a show sucks but all I can say about OLTL is f*****g awesome. I can't even come up with another euphemism for the f word. That's how over the top awe inspiring this last week and a day has been.


I'm gonna be totally honest with ya'll. I was prepared to hate this Starr and Cole against the world story. I had my thumb on fast forward ready to just blur past it. And some of it did get skipped thru. Starr and Cole's endless chatter about love and blah blah blah. That was all really fast. I stopped for the actual sex scene, not because I'm a perv, but because I wanted to see how the scene was handled. Kristen Alderson is still pretty young. I, personally, feel that scene was handled very tastefully and age appropriate. I have a feeling the very end of the scene may have been a body double and that is why they shot the scene outside looking in thru gauzy curtains. I have nothing to substantiate that other than my own gut feeling. But I digress. I was impressed at the level of taste that was shown. This never would have happened so sweetly if Dena Higley were still at the helm.

Let's get to the meat of this awesome and riveting story. Todd. Todd and his psychotic tendencies. His compulsive need to be nucking futs. I was appalled that he would beat the snot out of Marko and scream at Langston just to get Starr's whereabouts. Then we have that disturbing scene of Todd almost beating Cole to death because he was in bed with Starr. Gotta tell ya'll, didn't make me like Todd but it did make for damn good soap. Blair trying to get Todd off Cole, Starr screaming bloody murder, poor Cole just trying to block the blows. Nobody was really shown in their best light. And that's what had me so intrigued. Not to mention the scene in the foyer at La Boulaie of Todd screaming at Starr then raising his hand to her more than once. And Todd screaming that Cole raped Starr. I can see how his twisted mind totally went there. We know that's not what happened but it makes sense to him. I think that is what makes all of this so compelling to me. Every actor involved has stepped it up. They brought their A++ game. Trevor St John is showing layers to Todd's madness. He's not just playing the ogre. There is this hurt in Todd's eyes that comes from him seeing that Starr has grown up and he's no longer Starr's hero. As awesome as these scenes have been I could have done without Todd threatening Langston and Blair justifying Todd's actions.

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Here's the thing that makes OLTL so wonderful right now. When you strip all of the fluff away you have a dad who can't deal with his daughter growing up and a mom who knows her daughter is growing up and is trying to help her make the best decisions. I am happy they made Blair so pragmatic about it. Some may say she's being blasé but I find her to be realistic. She set real expectations for Starr about being in love and waiting for the right time, etc... but she also knew Starr is going to have sex. Blair was prepared for there being a first time whereas Todd had the knee jerk reaction that no man would ever touch his little girl.

I'm so happy the writers remembered to have someone in Cole's corner. I really liked Nora calling John to discuss Cole. I LOVED John going straight to La Boulaie and decking Todd. Totally necessary and what a father figure should do.

I do have a few beefs with the story but they're minor. Why haven't John and Nora forced Cole to press charges against Todd? A grown man beat a teenage boy to a bloody mess. There needs to be repercussions for that. Not to mention that Langston is afraid in her own home. And then there is Todd's threat to have Cole thrown in prison for shooting Miles. Is that even possible if Miles isn't willing to press charges? I guess Todd could use his paper to ruin Cole but that would just expose him for the bully he is and throw all the support and sympathy behind Cole.