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Brenda/Dylan/Kelly 2.0: The CW plans a "90210" update!

Okay, okay this isn't exactly daytime news, but it's definitely soapy, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that CAA-the same Hollywood power agency that packaged the idea for the first Beverly Hills, 90210-is developing a spin off for the hit Fox series some eight years after the original show left the airwaves.


The original 90210 was produced of course by the late legendary Aaron Spelling and created by Darren Starr, who later went on to pen Melrose Place, the TV version of Sex and the City and most recently Cashmere Mafia. The  pilot for the CW update will likely be written by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas.

There's no word whether or not any cast members from the original series will appear, but from what I am seeing, it will be contemporay take on the original model, a sort of West Coast Gossip Girl. Beverly Hills, 90210 defined the generation of teens who grew up in the 90's and launched the teen soap opera genre. The show is still seen daily in re-runs on SoapNet. I haven't been this excited about a soap coming back to television since they greenlit the Knots Landing Reunion movie!

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