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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations March 13.08


 love happy Rexis. It’s such a shame to me that these writers messed up Ric and Alexis so badly. Because you have scenes like today where they’re being cute and flirty and sweet and I wish the cancer/Sam stuff had never happened. And I hate that it’s Mari-yawna that’s supposedly bringing out this side of Ric.

Ric/Claudia: There was more sizzle in that short scene than in all of RicYawna’s scenes put together. If only she hadn’t played tonsil hockey with the idiot first, I could actually see something between these two.

Why does Sonny ask Monica anything? He knows she hates him with a passion and likely wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire, so why open his mouth and try to throw his weight around?

Line of the day:

Monica to Sonny: “This is a hospital, not some back alley mob joint.”

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Tracy/Monica: Good to see Tracy again, but really, why is she carrying the “evidence” around in her bag, contaminating what little DNA and whatnot there might be on it. The only good thing about this was Lucky, lurking in the background, putting two and two together and actually coming up with four. And, I don’t know why but GV is even hotter with the arm sling, than without.

Now, were going on the timeline that Micheal’s been missing only a few days (based on what Carly said), which means Kate’s only been shot a few days. Yet, she’s already discharged from the hospital. But she’s already contracted pericorditis or whatever that heart condition is. Hhhm. It’s like, part of her is super fast at healing whereas the other part of her is super fast at catching diseases. Who knew. And really Kate, spit it out. Had to wait practically the entire hour before she spilled the beans that she knew he’d slept with Claudia.

The Asshat of the day goes to…..I know, it’s tiresome for me too!! Carly walks into Sonny’s office and says: “We need to talk about Micheal” and his answer is “right now?” Well yeah, dumb a*s. Your child is missing right now, so maybe discussing it right now is in order. And then he gives her the pat on the head, ‘oh I have a lead’, and dismisses her. A lead which came from Max, which came from Spinelli, which came from Jason, which has nothing to do with the Zacharas. Idiot.

Mike/Trevor: I’m getting very blood thirsty here in my pregnancy, because I really wanted Mike to haul off and punch Trevor right in the face. Yesterday it was Lucky punching Devlin and the day before it was Mari-yawna blowing up. Man, what’s up with that?!!!

Spixie: And, once again, they’re the highlight of the episode. When Spinelli came out from behind the crate in the new clothes, I actually said, “wow”. Not in a ‘jump his bones like I would Lucky’ way, but just in a, ‘he cleans up good’ kind of way.