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Will daytime soaps survive a potential Screen Actor's Guild strike?

While the major studios and the Writer's Guild of America finally managed to broker a truce, industry insiders are predicting a possible Screen Actor's Guild strike could prove much more damaging than the six-month Writer's Strike. According to the Hollywood Reporter, McGraw-Hill's 2008 Media Summit revealed there is a 40-50 percent chance that actors will strike if negotiations hit a stalemate this summer. The current Screen Actor's Guild contract is up June 30th and insiders are predicting a strike-which would wipe out not only scripted television, movies and DVDs, but much of Reality TV, since many people featured on those shows are guild members-would push younger viewers even further away from traditional entertainment choices and in the direction of online sites like You Tube. The big question for this site is, what would a strike of the Screen Actor's Guild mean for daytime soap operas? While we at Daytime Confidential don't condone scab writing, we can grudgingly admit the unsavory practice helped keep the struggling genre afloat during the WGA strike, due to the scabs allegedly being able to write from home in anonymity. That won't be the case during a Screen Actor's Guild strike. Actors can't very well circumvent the picket lines by emailing their scenes in. So with ratings being at all time lows for daytime soaps, would a prolonged SGA strike signal the beginning of the end for the soap opera as we know it?