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GH's Jax wants Carly to cut her mob ties following death of their child

According to this week's Soap Opera Weekly, on newstands today, General Hospital's Carly  will miscarry the baby she and Jax  wanted so desperately following the aftermath of the warehouse explosion.


Carly will be rescued by none other than nemesis Ric, who finds her floating in the water and rushes her to GH for treatment for hypothermia. At the hospital she reunites with troubled son Michael and learns that he, not one of Sonny's rivals, shot Kate.

Jax finds out she plans to cover up for Michael which causes the two to clash and Jax to storm out. He returns when he learns she is in distress and attempts to reassure her, but the doctor comes in and tells her the baby has died. This prompts Jax to ask Carly to sever all ties to Sonny and Jason. Yeah right, and Spinelli's gonna relocate to a retreat in the wilderness with no wireless Internet capabilities! 

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