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Daytime Confidential #212: CBS & Days Super Sized

On today's show Mike, Jay, and Luke discuss Mandy Bruno's great performance on Guiding Light, Harley's mid life crisis, and whether or not we believe that Harley and Cyrus are more than a passing fad.


We're loving Alley Mills on Bold and the Beautiful and her going after Donna. Taylor and Nick's kiss and Jay makes a prediction.

As the World Turns' seems to be rubbing Mike the wrong way as he goes into a rant about his favorite show and Luke wants to know why in the world the show is recasting the most boring male character in daytime, Mike Kasnoff? Is this the real or fake Allison Stewart and why we're enjoying the character of Matt and not Ameera as a storyline plot point.

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Daniel and Amber as a couple has caught our attention, Adam (aka Victor Jr.) is horny, and the Lynn Marie Latham housecleaning going on at the Young and Restless.

When was the last time that Lexie took a refresher on medical disclosure laws and do we like Chelsea with this new doctor? Is Days of Our Lives rewriting its history with this Patch and Ava storyline?

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