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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations March 14.08


Today was one of those schizophrenic episodes for me. Some good, some bad.

Claudia/Ric: I like that Ric held his own with her and didn’t fall under her predatory spell. Although, at this point, I want Ric to hand those piers to anyone, so long as he’s rid of them. Like maybe Epiphany. Imagine Sonny and the Zs hounding her for them?!!

Sonny/Kate: I would have appreciated it more, if she hadn’t basically forgiven him for everything. He just seems to get away with too much.

Lulu/Scotty: While I appreciate seeing Scotty, I do get tired of the same old, same old here. And I hate that it’s her voice that’s going to get Logan out of that coma, because I do not want a LuGan redo.

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Liz/Lucky: So now he’s going to cover for her also, despite not really knowing if she’s the guilty party or not. I don’t get that. And, why was the door open at the end for Sam to overhear, when they very clearly showed us Lucky closing the door earlier.

Speaking of Sam, can a company just “suspend” their employee because they’ve been injured? Is there not a lawsuit somewhere in there?

Micheal/Carly: I did like their scene. It was well done, especially on LW’s part. The fear, the relief, the shock, all of it was very good. I also liked that she asked the question that I’ve been wondering about, why didn’t he call 911 or anyone else, even anonymously, rather than leave a woman in an alley to die. My only complaint was the time. The timer on the bomb showed 2 minutes something when Micheal first called her and she showed up and the time said 1 minute something. So, it took her less than a minute to get from home to the warehouse?

The silly: the fact that everyone and their dog decided to meet at that warehouse, which should be private property and not a place where everyone can converge, was a bit much. Now, here’s hoping Randy, Mari-yawna, Trevor and his lackey all died in that explosion.