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Days of our Lives Spoilers: the View from Denial Island 03.17.08




fans and welcome to this week’s edition of

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: the View from Denial Island

.  First I would like to apologise for not giving you

the View from Denial Island

last week, I was having more internet troubles. But I’m happy to report that I’m back up and running this week YAY!

So… what do tptb have in store for us this week? Read on…

University Hospital

Most of this week’s major storylines centre around


illness and his impending transplant.  Since


was found in Friday’s US Episode, albeit passed out from her booze bender, the resulting operations can begin – but not before she receives a rip-snorter of a scolding from her new idol

Dr Jonas

. Ouch!  Couple that with a sore head and facing major surgery that could kill her, I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes (just quietly).  After all the yelling (or possibly during), Chelsea gets all the alcohol out of her system and then the transplant can begin… or will it?  Last week Bo refused to give his consent for surgery once he found out Chelsea was his donor-match. Ah Bo, can’t do much if you’re passed out and failing fast – and I didn’t see you sign a

‘Refusal for Treatment’

form… so it looks like surgery is a go! 

The family come to say their goodbyes (didn’t they do that last week too?), while the Salem doctors continue to try new drugs on Bo to extend his life. If Chelsea didn’t know before, she is reminded that the surgery carries risks to her own life and in a private moment with

Grandmaw Kate

, she admits her fears.  But of course she goes through with the surgery and watch out for a touching scene between Bo and Chelsea before they both go under the knife.  I’m thinking Bo must be unconscious during some of the scene however, since when Bo wakes post-surgery, he is surprised to learn the operation occurred at all.  Or maybe it’s just the drugs talking… guess we’ll find out together! Apparently there is a tender moment between Dr Jonas and Chelsea post-op also… NO NO NO!  Leave my Chick alone!!  He’s too old for her, sorry, have to say it.

NuDiMera Empire/Marlena/Kiriakis Empire

Ahh the fun continues with


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this week.  We all thought that maybe, just maybe, Jawn was going to listen to


and not bribe the Customs official.  Nope!  Guess what? This is a new Jawn peoples – and if it wasn’t obvious before, you’re in for some shocks this week! Jawn


bribe Customs to hold all Kiriakis shipments and then lies to Marlena about it… ooh Jawn, I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into, hell hath no fury like a Victor (and Marlena) scorned.  Marlena-in-the-middle tries to do the right thing and warns


of what she knows Jawn is doing… unfortunately she doesn’t know the half of it, and prematurely thinks she is making progress with her Jawn.  Hmm… she might make better progress with Victor, who attends his first psych session.  Is it just me, or is there something very strange about a ‘Ki-yi-akis’ attending therapy?

In other, filler stories…

  • Tony and Anna are back! Yay! But no EJami… boo hiss… Tony and Anna continue their business rivalry by getting it on over Tony’s desk (Anna, Anna Anna… will you never learn?) but she also tries to poach some of his employees (in true Anna style). 
  • Belle and Philip make peace over their fighting/flirting/fancying of each other this past 18 months, when Belle reveals her and Shawn’s plans to sail the world (please please PLEASE leave Claire… PLEASE!)
  • The Johnson pregnancy might be in for some trouble – Kayla experiences cramping. She must get checked out and her OBGYN tells Steve that he must enforce Kayla having as much rest as possible and for her to avoid stress.  Sounds like a good enough reason for not telling her about psycho-Ava just yet, although I’ll wager that he might want to do it sooner rather than later (oh but then it wouldn’t be a soap if it was logical LOL).  Now I have another spoiler which says Ava will spy on Kayla – but is it the person she thinks is Kayla (ie Hope) or is it the real Kayla? 
  • Somehow Max cottons on that Paul Hollingsworth (the Custom’s official that Jawn bribes) is Morgan’s father… SHOCK!  Hmm... I hope this s/l goes somewhere, otherwise who cares?


EJ and Sami

…umm hello? Where are my favourite couple please?? I can’t survive two weeks without hearing that gorgeous accent!

Comings and Goings

As already spoiled,

Kevin Dobson

, is joining the


cast as

Mickey Horton

.  Kevin is expected to be onscreen in April.

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Shelle make their exit (please not with Claire...)
  • Is Bo’s body rejecting the transplant?
  • Hope is abducted
  • Marlena is yet again, not happy with Jawn (yay!)

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