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Dear Head Honchos At GH,


Dear Head Honchos At GH,

I just wanted to make sure that we are all on the same page when it comes to how soaps should be written and viewed. Maybe no one told you but CGI is NOT an effective story telling tool. This?

GeneralHospitalNov501-vi.jpg picture by MollyPop77

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GeneralHospitalNov522-vi.jpg picture by MollyPop77

Isn't why I watch GH. Not only that, but it is really bad CGI. I would have liked to shown you how bad the Cannery Explosion was but for some reason I can't find a picture of it online. I can't imagine why. Maybe YOU also know how bad your CGI sucks and you have a Cease and Desist order so you can pull all the images off the web. If that is the case I am very happy that I was able to find these photos to prove my case.

And while I'm here I thought I would just remind you that you have dropped the ball on Monica's An Alcoholic storyline. If someone were to have missed the episode where Monica was drinking from the flask we would all think she was just really worried about her skin and being well hydrated. I guess carrying a "water bottle" around has replaced actual character development. I'm so glad that I've been informed of that. I'm also really glad Monica went and saw her son Jason before he disappeared to see some super surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital. She could have at least stuck her head in and snarked at him. Oh! That's right! Only one person over 50 per episode! 

In short, ya'll just suck. The only thing I really like about GH is Maxie. Love her hair. Love her clothes. Love her attitude. Love her getting her geek on with Spinelli. Love her self awareness that she leads a shallow life. Just LOVE HER TO DEATH. And of course that means that you evil Head Honchos At GH will find a way to ruin her. Just like you did with Kate Howard.

Thanks (for nothing),